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Spider-Man 3

NBC.com is running Spider-Man 3 content in HD for the next 24 hours (until 9pm Tuesday). It looks to be about 8 mins worth of HD footage in both 720p and 480p (although the latter isn’t really HD, just DVD quality). They showed part of it tonight during Heroes (which was awesome, if you missed it go to NBC.com tomorrow to see it). We finally got to see the Hobgoblin, which is of course, Peter’s friend Harry Osborn.

If you can get past the HD close-ups of Dunst and a few more minutes of Peter talking with his aunt you’ll be treated to a lengthy battle between Peter and the Hobgoblin. There’s lots of flying around the city, web-slinging, hob-grenades, and bashing into buildings. At the very end they quickly flip through scenes with Peter and the symbiotic suit (his black outfit, from space, Venom, etc.).

The file is in Quicktime format is really a very large download. So if you don’t have broadband I wouldn’t recommend either of these versions (720p or 480p). Even with broadband you’ll need some patience.

Update: The 24-hour window has expired, but I’ve got all the latest Spider-Man 3 HD & SD trailers here for you.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Monday, March 5, 2007

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