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Corey Stroeder over at was kind enough to give us a site review, so now we’re returning the favor. Just as the title conveys he started this website when he realized it was time to get serious about financially preparing for his eventual retirement. Not to worry though if finances aren’t your thing. His site covers a wide range of topics from fun & games (with a few videos too) to more serious topics such as his retirement musings.

The really good thing Corey has going for his cause is that the central topic alone motivates people to pay a little more attention to the ads (something that apparently entertainment sites do not easily achieve!). But making money from his site isn’t his main focus or goal as he explained in his posting on 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid. This site is also acts as his outlet for creative web designs and developments as he works as a web designer for a major Canadian retailer. You can check out his latest creative project as well: in-progress, new design.

Corey’s site is very well laid out with a clean look that makes it easy to find the content. Posting frequency is sometimes a little sparse, just 9 entries in February, but he’s already posted 9 for March to stay ahead of it. Overall, is a nice, easily enjoyed site that you can stop in quickly, take your mental break with one of his posts, and then get back to working on your own retirement!

If you’d like to see your site reviewed here feel free to contact us.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, March 13, 2007

4 Responses to “ - Site Review”

  1. Corey Stroeder

    Great Review Matt! Thanks!

  2. Cmpnyflow

    Just die before you retire, problem solved.

  3. Cmpnyflow

    My god so many things to sign up for, stop the madness.

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