Weekend Movie Box Office Round-Up: March 23-25
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The competition at the box office was pretty stiff with 6 new movies released this weekend. Considering how many ways the box office earnings had to be split the number 1 movie still pulled a pretty nice haul. This weekend’s winner was the new release, TMNT, with $25.4 million. Still holding on to a strong earning of $20.5 million in its third week was the ever popular movie 300. There weren’t any extreme bombs considering all 6 new releases ended up in the top ten with Pride being the lowest earner of the new crowd at #9 with $4 million.

    Weekend Movie Box Office Earnings:

  1. “TMNT,” $25.45 million
  2. 300,” $20.5 million
  3. “Shooter,” $14.5 million
  4. Wild Hogs,” $14.4 million
  5. “The Last Mimzy,” $10.2 million
  6. “Premonition,” $10.1 million
  7. “The Hills Have Eyes 2,” $10 million
  8. “Reign Over Me,” $8 million
  9. “Pride,” $4 million
  10. Dead Silence,” $3.5 million

If you missed the details on any of these, check out our weekend movie preview with all the movie trailers and details.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Sunday, March 25, 2007

4 Responses to “Weekend Movie Box Office Round-Up: March 23-25”

  1. Manthem

    Good to see TMNT doing so well. I know I’ll be contributing my $7.50 sometime this week.

    Are you holding another contest anytime soon?

  2. WildBluff_Matt

    Absolutely. It’ll open back up early tomorrow and will run all week.

    I’m also kinda interested to see TMNT. The old ones were out when I was a kid, so I’d like to see how they’ve changed. Anyone notice a lack of April O’Neil in the previews? Seems like a mistake to leave out a pretty girl!

  3. Mark Laymon

    I am surprised that “The Hills Have Eyes” did not do better…

  4. WildBluff_Matt

    @Mark: I guess maybe the slasher-flick audience was split between that and last week’s Dead Silence. Eyes 2 might end up doing better when it comes out on DVD though.

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