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I’m psyched that 30 Rock will be back starting tonight with new episodes. I started watching 30 Rock a couple of episodes into the season and it quickly became my favorite comedy now on TV. The writing is fantastic. It’s very smart and well delivered in a way I don’t feel like I’ve seen since Seinfeld, and that’s saying a lot for me because I’m a Seinfeld freak. The show changed around a lot from its original intent, a sketch comedy show, to actually become more about the workings behind the show. Think “Studio 60″ but with funny jokes and you look forward to it each week.

In case you’ve totally missed the series so far, here’s a quick summary:
Emmy Award winner Tina Fey (NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” “Mean Girls”) writes, executive-produces and stars as Liz Lemon in NBC’s “30 Rock,” a workplace comedy where the workplace exists behind-the-scenes of a live variety show. The show is told through the comedic voice of Fey and features Alec Baldwin (”The Aviator,” “The Cooler” ) as Jack Donaghy, the brash new network executive who has turned the show upside down with his meddling ways.

The single Lemon is living every comedy writer’s dream - head writer on a demanding, live TV program in New York City. Her life is jolted when Donaghy interferes with her show, and bullies Lemon into convincing Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan, “Saturday Night Live,” “The Longest Yard”) — a wild and unpredictable movie star — to join the cast. Now Lemon must manage the unmanageable so that the show — and her dream — can go on.

The entire cast is so perfectly selected and placed in their roles. Tracy Morgan plays Tracy Jordan as the somewhat unstable lead for the sub-plot show. “Somewhat unstable” may be too generous. He sees little blue men, becomes a “stabbing robot” on the Conan O’Brien show, and loves things so much he wants to “take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant.” Tina Fey’s assistant, Ceire, adds some welcome eye candy as well. Catch her clip below.

So if you’ve missed the show so far, it’s not too late. NBC.com actually has entire for free. Be prepared, it’s playing at a funny time tonight (Thursday, April 5th), 8:40-9:20pm because NBC is doing it’s old “super-size” episode trick. Check out our “Don’t Miss TV” line-up for all the show schedules. We need plenty of support to keep them from pulling another great TV show.

Update: Before this article even got to post I saw an exciting update. 30 Rock has been renewed for a second season! Give it a watch tonight and let me know what you think.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, April 5, 2007

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  1. pointygnomehat

    “The show is told through the comedic voice of Fey and features Alec Baldwin (”The Aviator,” “The Cooler” ) … ”

    Because there might be some people out there who may not recognize Alec Baldwin based off of the stated body of work, I’d like to add “The Royal Tenenbaums” to the list; he was cast as the Narrator. One of his more memorable scenes in The Royal Tenenbaums includes his masterful narration of the early years of the Tenenbaum family. Most notably, the following line which describes the time when Margot and Richie Tenenbaum ran away from home one winter and camped out in the African wing of the public archives.

    “She and her brother Richie ran away from home one winter and camped out in the African wing of the public archives.”


  2. WildBluff_Matt

    I didn’t realize Alec Baldwin had been the narrator in The Royal Tenenbaums. That’s mindbottling.

  3. pointygnomehat

    Ohh. Right. Like when you’re mind is trapped in a bottle.

  4. pointygnomehat

    p.s. like the new threaded comments. why don’t you just “drop in” some editability magic!

  5. WildBluff_Matt

    That’s right PGH. If you can dream it, you can do it. Capture the Dream!

  6. WildBluff_Matt

    Well damn. After installing this plugin it started showing an Edit button next to the comments. I guess that’s just for my view though. I’ll see what I can do.

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