Canceled: Black Donnellys, Wedding Bells, and Six Degrees
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The Axe

NBC, ABC, and Fox all announced this week that several of the new shows in their spring line-ups, The Black Donnellys, Six Degrees and Wedding Bells respectively, would be getting the axe. If you didn’t catch any of these shows which, is likely since they are all being canceled due to poor ratings despite huge promotional campaigns and highly-rated lead-ins here is a synopsis: Donnellys was a drama revolving around a set of brothers growing up together in the wrong part of town; Wedding Bells was a comedy about a set of sisters who run a wedding planning business together; and Six Degrees was about 6 New Yorkers who through a series of seeming coincidences are mysteriously drawn together.

I can’t say I will miss any of these shows as I was among the hundreds of millions of Americans who never watched a single episode of either The Black Donnellys or Six Degrees. I did watch a single episode of Wedding Bells. It was ok, not great, just ok. I had already seen all of the funniest parts a dozen times in the promos so it wasn’t really that funny anymore.

April 16th will be your last chance to catch Donnellys. Although, there doesn’t really seem to be much point since the last 5 episodes will not be aired. Wedding Bells will also be allowed to show one more episode. Six Degrees was canceled, effective immediately. In fact the link to the show has already been removed from ABC’s home page. Donnellys, Six Degrees, and Wedding Bells, R.I.P…

Written by: Walt
Posted on: Friday, April 6, 2007

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