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American Idol Season 1

For those of you who just can’t get wait from one Tuesday to the next for your American Idol fix, Fox has added American Idol Rewind to its weekend line-up. Even though they call it American Idol Rewind, its just reruns of old American Idol seasons. We watched it Saturday evening, it was an episode from season 1 when they went down from 6 to 5 contestants. It was interesting to see one of these old episodes and compare it with the current season. The format was basically the same. They used the same weak lines to go to commercials, stall telling contestants if they were safe, and to say goodbye. The performances seemed far less sophisticated than they do today. The judges picked who went home back then, not audience votes. I completely forgot that there was another host in addition to Ryan Seacrest, Brian Dunkleman. I bet that guy’s pretty bitter after getting dropped after the first season. He missed out on the megabucks. It was fun to watch just as a comparison but, I doubt I could watch it every week. If you’re a real die-hard you might get a kick to watch a few though.

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American Idol Season 1 American Idol Season 1 American Idol Season 1 American Idol Season 1

Written by: Walt
Posted on: Monday, April 9, 2007

7 Responses to “American Idol Rewind”

  1. angelia

    I think you are wrong about the contestants getting sent home by the judges in Season 1 rather than by the fans.. I voted for Kelly every Tuesday night. Be sure to watch the next episode which is the one in which Tamyra is sent home. The judges just about have a collective heart attack.

  2. Diane Walter

    I saw an article by Brian Dunkleman where he said that it was his own decision to leave after the first season but he ended up regretting that decision.

  3. WildBluff_Matt

    I’d be interested in read up on what he’s done since. But I’d bet most of his time has been spent crying. I wasn’t into the first season, but I wonder how much different the host dynamic would be if there were 2 of them. It makes more sense earlier on during the auditions to have 2 so they can discuss things, but at this point in the season I don’t see 2 hosts working as well.

  4. Ranto

    I missed the entire first season when it was originally broadcast — except for a few minutes here and there. However, I remember reading comments about the final four. The biggest surprises for me in watching AI Rewind is that Tamyra is not nearly as good as I had heard, Nikki (though not incredible) is not nearly as bad as I had heard, and the biggest surprise is how Justin got through. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a contestant as smarmy as Justin.

    In a way, the first season reminds me a little of this season — lots of talented girls, and not one really talented boy.

    There are no surprises about Kelly though. I don’t like the kind of music she sings — but she is clearly a star.

  5. WildBluff_Matt

    Kelly has certainly done well. I think Carrie Underwood has turned out to be the biggest hit of them all, but Kelly is likely running a close second.

    I imagine most of them had no idea how big this show would end up being by now. It’s always funny to go back and see the humble beginnings and how they’ve changed.

    Good call on this season too. None of these guys impress me. I think they’ve got a snowball’s chance of winning this season.

  6. WildBluffWalt

    Angelia: You might be right. I’ll admit I didn’t jump on the AI bandwagon until after the first season.

  7. WildBluffWalt

    I didn’t watch that closely either but based on the show I saw I really liked Nikki too.

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