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Being a huge fan of the Terminator movies, well at least the first two, I can’t help but get interested when I hear details on the story being revived, even if it is for TV. Anyone familiar with the series would immediately notice an issue with the proposed TV show’s name, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That issue being Sarah Connor is dead due to cancer sometime between T2 and T3. No problem, just set the series between those two points, check.

My next concern would be can you successfully fill 20+ episodes for multiple seasons with the same story each week? Bad terminator after the Connors while a good terminator tries to get in the way. Repeat. Even as a die-hard fan I’m worried this could get tiresome and repetitive. You’re also somewhat constrained by the facts set in the bordering storylines from the movies. The audience knows that no harm will come to the Connors from the onslaught of Terminators here as dictated by the existing storyline.

I’d be really interested to hear what size budget is being considered for this upcoming FOX series. T2 was so amazing because of the incredible special effects. Those were cutting edge techniques that helped make it such a blockbuster. I’m not sure what kind of quality effects you can get on a television series these days. I’m really hoping that won’t turn out to be an issue though.

And in case you’re wondering, no, Arnold won’t have a role in this series. You can read more about the series’ pilot script over at TV Squad.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, April 19, 2007

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  1. Buzzkill

    So Sarah is diagnossed ‘cancer free’, does this mean the timeline has changed or that Cameron is lying?

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