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Alec Baldwin

In light of the recent events of Alec Baldwin’s voicemail explosion over visitation with his daughter, Baldwin has requested NBC to release him from his contract for 30 Rock. NBC, which recently renewed 30 Rock for a second season, quickly rejected the idea, noting that Baldwin has become a keystone actor in the show with his role as the callous executive.

“If I never acted again I couldn’t care less. I would like to devote myself to the cause of parental alienation,” said Baldwin. Along with his desire to return focus to his daughter Baldwin explained that he didn’t want to hurt the new show through association. Wednesday Baldwin visited The View and discussed the situation with Barbara Walters:

“You didn’t mean to say it to your child?” Barbara said.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with being frustrated or angry about something,” he replied. “It’s the way you do it, and as people often do in this world, I took it out on the wrong person because I’m unable, under the current dynamic, to address the other person.”

“I realize that was wrong,” Baldwin added.

“You said it to your daughter, but you meant it for your ex-wife?” Walters asked.

“Well, I think that goes without saying, quite frankly,” Baldwin said.

It definitely sounds like Baldwin got out of line, but his anger is understandable. When your ex-wife and guardian of your child makes decisions to star in movies like Cellular how can you possibly rest easy at night? You’d probably wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat shouting, “No! Don’t do the sequel to My StepMother Is An Alien!”

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I’m relieved to hear that Baldwin won’t be dropping out of the show, at least not yet. I’ve never cared a lot for him as a person, but he does such a fantastic job in this show that I can’t help but feel he has to be there for it to work. According to a source close to Alec Baldwin, he intends to fulfill his obligation to the show, not sure how long his contract is though. It’s likely to be through the rest of the second season when NBC will make their next round of ‘cancel or renew’ evaluations.

Be sure to watch 30 Rock tonight on NBC at 9-9:30pm. Details: Season Finale. Sean Hayes guest stars. The summer hiatus looms for TGS (the sub-show) while Liz confronts the trials of a long distance relationship with Floyd. Jack’s mom arrives in town for his pending wedding. Kenneth is tasked with searching out a missing Tracy.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, April 26, 2007

2 Responses to “30 Rock: Alec Baldwin Requests Contract Release”

  1. Manthem

    I don’t see what the big deal was with Alex yelling at his daughter? It’s called discipline people. If you don’t discipline your kids, they’re going to go off and do drugs, rob people, have sex, and maybe even listen to Avril Lavigne. Is that what you want?

  2. Matt

    Noooooo! Not Avril Lavigne!

    One day it’ll be just like that old commercial. Walt will come home and find his daughter’s ipod and there will be Avril sitting there in her “recently played” list. He’ll get angry and charge into her room demanding to know where she learned about this kind of music. She’ll cry and yell back, “from you dad. I learned it from you!”.

    Oh the horror… the horror.

    But seriously, Baldwin says his rant was at Kim, not his daughter and I’d believe that. I’d freak out too if the court system told me when I could and could not see my kids. Wait, I don’t have any kids. Damn you courts! Damn you!

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