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Melanie Brown

This woman is like a pitbull with its teeth sunk into your leg, she ain’t letting this go. Melanie Brown, forever Scary Spice to me and the rest of my Girl Power fan club, seems to spend all her time these days spouting off about how Eddie Murphy ditched her just after getting her pregnant. It all came up after Murphy was asked if he was the father of Brown’s upcoming baby and Eddie replied, on camera, “I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test.” Nice.

Well that’s certainly one way to handle it, another might have been, “no comment”. But once it became a public spectacle Melanie Brown has continued to up the ante on Murphy. First she immediately refuted his statement of uncertainty, then she put his name on the birth certificate, then she named the baby girl after him (well, either after Eddie Murphy or Murphy Brown), and most recently she’s declared that she’s taking him to court. Her plan is to legally force him to have a paternity test.

At a recent product release party in Hollywood Miss Scary had this to say:

“He’s not doing a DNA test and he’s not signing the birth certificate. So it’s going to have to go to court so he can be forced to do it, which is strange since he was the one asking for it.”

Strange? The only thing strange here is how psycho you’ve become about this. And at a product release party? Sure, that sounds like the perfect time to go ranting about your personal life and your search for the baby daddy. I feel bad for that little girl.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Friday, May 4, 2007

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