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It’s Sunday again, so I’m going to leave it to others to provide the entertainment today. Here I’ve gathered up posts and sites from places I’ve visited during the week. Getting your name on the Top Commentator list here is a great way for us & others to find you.

  • Chugs & Jugs:
  • Busta Rhymes has found himself and his Hennessey in a little trouble. Just one shot did Busta in.

  • Everyday Weekender:
  • I missed The Reaping as it passed through theaters, but I’ll admit that it had a might good looking trailer. Check out EW’s review of The Reaping and see if it was as good as the trailer or not.

  • My Retirement Project:
  • I can’t believe how much Spider-Man 3 is reported to have cost for production + marketing + intensive CGI to de-fug Kirsten Dunst. MRP has the details on Spider-Man 3’s final numbers.

  • HMTK:
  • HMTK has a great write-up on Hiro’s current time travel predicament on, well, Heroes. Yeah, I already went through the same struggle next week.

  • 2 Live Fools:
  • This was our highest outgoing link on the site yet, so I thought I’d share it again for those who missed it. 2 Live Fools, a couple of Hollywood video production guys give a detailed and extensive videocast step through of the recent Celine Dion and Elvis Presley duet on American Idol last week.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Sunday, May 6, 2007

4 Responses to “Sunday Brunch: Weekend Site Roundup”

  1. Everyday Weekender

    thanks for the love matt!

  2. Corey Stroeder

    Whoo Hoo! Made the list! Thanks Matt!

  3. Matt

    No problem. It’s well deserved.

  4. Matt

    Sure thing. You had a good find there.

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