Weekend Movie Box Office Earnings Round-up: May 11 - May 13, 2007
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Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 did it again this weekend, but this time with half the punch. The North America movie earnings for this blockbuster over the weekend was $60M, a healthy amount for a dud of a movie. The newly arriving movie competitors this weekend didn’t stand up so well, although they did better than the competition last weekend. All three new movies managed to squeeze into the top 5 positions, although considering the amounts each of them earned its hardly brag-worthy.

Thankfully next weekend should hold some redemption for audiences as another big movie comes along, also a 3rd in the series, Shrek the Third. That should have no problem stomping Spidey harder than the Sandman did. Considering the lower rating of the Shrek films it should also open it to a much wider audience range as well. I’m expecting big, big dollars there. Enough about next week, let’s take a look at the earnings from this weekend.

Box office earnings for movies this weekend, May 11 - May 13, 2007:

  1. “Spider-Man 3″ $60 million
  2. “28 Weeks Later” $10 million
  3. “Georgia Rule” $5.9 million
  4. “Disturbia” $4.8 million
  5. “Delta Farce” $3.5 million
  6. “Fracture” $2.9 million
  7. “The Invisible” $32.2 million
  8. “Hot Fuzz” $2.1 million
  9. “Next” $1.6 million
  10. “Meet the Robinsons,” $1.6 million.
Written by: Matt
Posted on: Sunday, May 13, 2007

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