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Star Wars 30th Anniversary!

I can hardly believe that it was thirty years ago that I went with my Dad, my Uncle, and my cousins to go see Star Wars while we were on vacation. I’m feeling old today. At the time it, I remember it being the most amazing movie I had ever seen. Now to be fair I hadn’t seen that seen many movies (I’m not that old). I can still remember that night after seeing it, in the bedroom with a flashlight playing Jedi Knight on the bed when I should have been sleeping. I’ve now watched all six movies with my own kids. I watch them play with their Star Wars figures just like I did when I was their age (the ones we had from Kenner when we were kids were better) and battle in the back yard with plastic light sabers (I wish we had those!). Who would have known back then that that silly little space opera would turn into the multi-billion dollar franchise it is today.

Why did Star Wars become such a phenomenon? Was it because it used an order of magnitude more special effects than other movie up until that point? That absolutely helped. Was it because of the dialogue in the script? definitely not. It was because of the story it told. Star Wars at its heart tells one of the classic human tales that speak to us at a deeper level than mere entertainment. The story of a young innocent man, who when called upon stood up to fight evil and triumphed against all odds because his heart was true. This same story in a thousand different variations has been told over and over probably as long as mankind have been telling stories. George Lucas did a good job of recasting this story on a galactic scale with interesting characters and a rich back story (And the special effects help too :) ).

Star Wars Movie Poster Star Wars Action Figures Star Wars Celebration Convention Ok, I threw this one in just because I liked it

Now I know it has been digitally remastered, rename (i.e., A New Hope), re-scored, re-edited, etc. but, when I watch Star Wars today it still holds up. Star Wars has become on of those all time classic films like Casblanca or Gone with the Wind. Who knows maybe 30 years from now I’ll be watching Star Wars with my grandkids.

Star Wars Generations

Written by: Walt
Posted on: Friday, May 25, 2007

7 Responses to “Star Wars Turns 30!”

  1. Rhinofart

    I was such a tard as a kid! I turned down going to go watch Star Wars because I wanted to watch Battlestar Galactica instead! DOH!!

  2. Walt

    Thats quite funny.

  3. Mark Laymon

    I still have all my star wars figures packed in a box. One day I may let my kid play with them…

  4. Walt

    My kids have already played with mine. Since they were left at my parents house, my parents control them so my Dad has let the kids at them. Mine were were heavily used anyway.

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