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Since I know all you swashbucklers are just sitting around getting psyched up for tonight’s episode I thought I’d share some pirate humor to help get you ready. Remember to get the full stretch of the exercise you’ll need to laugh like a pirate too. So instead of “ha ha ha” you need more of an “arr arr arr”. See? Good.

Pirates have decided to really embrace technology and have even gone so far as to develop their own keyboard to help them along:

Pirate Keyboard

If you missed last week’s episode of Pirate Master it’s not too late to still get in on the fun. Tonight the second episode of Pirate Master will be on CBS at 8pm. If you really, really wanna be prepared you can even go back and read all about the storyline and ideas behind the show with our Pirate Master Preview.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, June 7, 2007

3 Responses to “Pirate Master: Pirate Humor Warm-Up”

  1. Manthem

    What the hell. Joe Don has got to go and they really need to stop getting rid of the good contestants.

  2. Matt

    I’m with ya there. I liked Christian a lot more than ol’ JD. He’s one heck of a cocky guy.

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