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The Final Episode.

Tony and his family (both immediate and mafia) are still in hiding. They all go to Bobby’s funeral (I still can’t believe they killed Bobby). Tony meets with Agent Dwight at Newark Airport gives him more info on Arabs in hopes that Agent Dwight will help him find Phil. Agent Dwight tells him no way.

Phil is pissed that Tony isn’t dead yet. Phil’s lieutenant wants to reach out but, Phil says no way. Tony meets with him at a neutral meeting place. They agree that the war should end while he wont give them Phil he understands that Tony has to do what he has to do and they will pay Janis for killing Bobby. So the Soprano family gets to move back home. Agent Dwight calls Tony on his cell and tells him the FBI has traced Phil’s calls to a certain pay phone. They find out that only a few stations have them anymore. Eventually Phil shows up at one and gets popped.

AJ’s continuous lectures on how messed up America and the world are was a bit old. He’s getting a little annoying (and Meadow too). I’m not going to miss him. He’s going to join the army. Tony and Carmela go to talk to AJ’s therapist which turns into a therapy session for Tony. They bribe AJ into not joining the Army with an executive position on Little Carmine’s new film, eventually a club of his own, and a new BMW. Which was a totally successful ploy. It was nice to see AJ lose the self righteousness and sell out, thats what the Sopranos is all about.

The goodbye to Uncle June was said there was nothing left of him.

In the final segment, Tony is in a diner with Carm and AJ as Meadow tries to park the car. All sorts of shady characters keep coming into the dinner. Just as Meadow enters the dinner, Tony looks up and… the screen goes black. That sucked. After all these years, thats the way they ended it!?!

While they finished off Phil, they left a lot of other lose ends, like the ending! Another example is Carlos, one of Tony’s guys who has flipped and is going to testify against him. The ending was definitely setting things up for a big screen return of the Sopranos. Which really makes me angry with HBO. I really wanted to write a touching tribute to the Sopranos tonight. Instead, I’m just glad its over. After all these years they are still going to leave me hanging.

Next Week: HBO gets canceled.

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Sunday, June 10, 2007

16 Responses to “HBO’s The Sopranos: The Final Episodes (episode 9) Recap and Review”

  1. Dire

    WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? That ending was not what I expected. I thought my tv screwed up right at the very end. UGHHHH!

  2. jack

    Bye Bye HBO cancelling tomorrow!

  3. Jimmers

    Yes, total crap….

  4. John

    The ending was annoying and dumb. I am canceling HBO tomorrow. That is the only way to send a msg - hope others do the same.

  5. Walt

    We are calling to cancel first thing tomorrow.

  6. Jared Wright

    Tony asked Bobby what he thought it was like when one gets whacked … Bobby said “I guess it just goes black” … that’s why it went black when Tony died.

  7. Cheri

    I thought it was bull crap when the screen went blank…. is this really how it is going to end? I think that they are going to make a movie…. THEY HAVE TOO! Im so mad! ERR!

  8. Jared Wright

    Tony is dead … no movie. Think about it, they even did a flash back to the scene with Bobby on the 2nd last episode. They like to make viewers think … and when you think about it, it was a great ending. When you get whacked, everything doesn’t get wrapped nice and neat with a bow!

  9. danie

    very disappointed…..reminds me of final Seinfeld episode; JW…how the hell did you recall that? it could have been reiterated for those of us who aren’t as astute! then JMO it would have made more sense!!! i thought Meadow got whacked….duhhhhh!

  10. danie

    excellent point JW…still disappointed however!

  11. danie

    excellent point JW….still very disappointed however…JMO…..

  12. rj

    I only know one person more pissed off than I am….the guy (or girl) who created “John from Cincinnati!”

  13. jackie

    What a disappointment! Anticlamatic doesn’t even come close to describing the horrible ending!

  14. Big John

    Brilliant ending…Tony did not get whacked, at least not until after the VIEWER did and the viewer never heard it coming.

  15. Peter Burn

    ” was like when one gets whacked … Bobby said “I guess it just goes black” … the viewers got whacked, figuitively. Last 10 minutes, everything is going well for the Sprono Family then the end “for the viewers”, dark, just as Bobby said. SO many possibilities: did the guy who came in with AJ remove himself to leave the four unprotected; did he come out pf the toilet shooting?. Are the two black guys hitmen? How about the guy in the ballcap sitting alone? I agree the ending sucked but that is all we are going to get: months of speculation.

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