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Cameron Diaz

Poor Cameron Diaz. If it’s not insulting an entire South American region, it’s another thing. This week Cameron Diaz should be thoroughly embarrased to learn that her new boyfriend, illusionist Criss Angel of “Mindfreak”, is already married. Diaz and Angel have been dating since being introduced in Las Vegas a few months ago. However, Angel has actually been married for about the past five years according to a divorce lawsuit filed in New York by Joanne Sarantakos, his understandably upset wife, allegedly.

Saranktakos is claiming Angel requested to keep their relationship a secret as to not ward off female fans. Looks like it worked too well as Diaz was apparently “enraptured” by Angel’s tricks when they first met. That reminds me of how I escaped from Cameron Diaz when she cornered me in a club. I told her I was going to perform a great magic trick and had her put her hands over her eyes. As soon as she did I ran away and she spent the rest of the night telling her friends about my incredible disappearing trick. Now she’s convinced I’m some sort of powerful wizard.

This ordeal won’t be over quickly for Diaz though. Criss Angel’s wife is planning to call her as a witness to his adultery, which Angel hasn’t contested yet, according to his lawyer. Wow. Well done you schmuck.

Source: the Daily Mail

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Monday, July 2, 2007

5 Responses to “Criss Angel’s Wife Mindfreaks Out Over Cameron Diaz”

  1. Amanda

    This is such bullcrap everybody knows that Criss only went on like 4 dates with Cameron a year after HIS WIFE issued HIM with the divorce papers. So as you can see Diaz had NOTHING to do with their seperation!

  2. Matt

    I find it impossible to believe anyone would leave their wife for Cameron Diaz too. However, I think the issue is about Criss dating Diaz while being married to another woman.

  3. kay

    Cameron Diaz Had nothing to do with it Christopher went out with her AFTER JOANN filed for divorce and it was because things wen’t working out He was never one to abuse her and was never only went out with other women so fans would not be suspisios of him being with anyone

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