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Foreword: Big Brother Season 8 is now in full swing. The recap of tonight’s episode is below, but to avoid missing any current details you’ll want to check out the online, uncensored live feeds (14 day free trial) and see what is going on right now.

Welcome to Big Brother 8 season premiere. Tonight the game begins like every season and we’re introduced one by one to all 14 of the new house guests. Unfortunately we aren’t spared the painfully cheesy lines like from the painter, “I’m going to paint out the competition”, and from the shoe salesman, “I’m going to walk all over the competition.” Once we get through the introductions the first 11 contestants are brought out in front of the Big Brother house and are sent in to find their beds amongst the Alice in Wonderland decor. Yes, that’s right, just 11 of the 14 house guests. The guests are broken into three groups, just like last year, no surprise as this is an easy way to immediately put nearly half the house at a disadvantage from the moment they walk through the front door. The first group admitted entrance: Carol, Joe, Mike, and Amber. Second set of guests: Nick, Daniele, and Jameka. The third and final group: Kail, Jen, Eric, and Zach. So what about the other 3 of the 14? Those remaining three guests are our “worst enemies” and were hidden away within the house already! Sneaky, sneaky.

Now that the first 11 guests are situated let’s see how they present themselves. In past years we’ve seen house guests lie to protect themselves and their chances. We’ve already learned a little about them (read our house guest preview) so let’s see who stays honest. Amber, 27, starts it off and reveals all her details except for the whole single mother thing. Now that’s gotta make her kid feel special, just all warm and fuzzy inside! Carol, 21, speculates she’s the youngest and Daniele doesn’t contest this. Daniele, 20, is still 2 months from the drinking age and doesn’t want to appear weak as the youngest. I’m surprised BB allowed her in here considering how alcohol pours like wine in these parts (please, hold your laughter). Before Jen shares too much information we get a sidebar with Zach and his incredibly creepy “over-smile”. If things don’t work out with Heath Ledger as The Joker this guy might have a new job! Okay, so back to Jen, 23, and her uber-ego. Jen “doesn’t even know” what she does, yet she seems to find the answer and begins to rattle it off: nanny, estate manager for an estate in Beverly Hills, modeling, acting, and hosting. Uh oh, a sidebar with Carol reveals she finds Jen very annoying simply because she doesn’t appear to be “a person of substance because of her giant, enormous boobs.” Looks like we have our “The Conservative” player!

Next up is Kail, 37, who fibs her reality and says she’s a real estate agent instead of her actual job as a business owner, because as she puts it, “half the town works for her.” This could draw the “she’s already rich and doesn’t need the money,” perspective from the other guests. Smart move. Ah, wait. Amber now reveals she also has a daughter and Kail reveals that she has 3 teenagers. Eric, 27, is an assistant who makes copies, etc. in a marketing office. Joe, 23, is from Chicago Illinois. Ohhh, that Chicago. Thanks Joe. Joe is a receptionist at a children’s hair salon. Next we get Mike, 26, who is a painting contractor. Nick, 25, doesn’t reveal anything other than the state he’s from, Minnesota. Zach, 30, sticks to his story of a graphic designer. Lastly there is Jameka, 28, who is “not used to being around all these white people.” Nice. Okay, phew, done with the whole introduction thing. Or are we?

What about those other 3 contestants in hiding? They’ve been squirreled away upstairs in the HoH room since earlier in the day. Julie takes upstairs quickly and we find out the “enemies” will get to spy on their counterparts in secret for a little while longer. So who are the “enemies”? Well first there is Dick, the estranged father of Daniele, who says he’s ready to kick her out. Then we’ve got Jessica, who appears to be bitter with Carol over $5, well that and loyalty issues from high school. One more guest for ya, Dustin, and just like I guessed he’s our homosexual of the season along with my other guess, Joe. These two are scorned ex-lovers. And oh boy, wouldn’t you just know it, Joe is wearing Dustin’s old shirt and Dustin is wearing Joe’s old shirt. Yikes! This doesn’t go on for too long before host Julie reveals to the other 11 guests of their secret observers. But their identities remain hidden, for now at least.

BB8 Kali

Okay, enough chatting amongst the house guests, let’s get to some Big Brother action! It’s HoH competition time, but remember those 3 hidden guests upstairs? Well they are going to stay upstairs for this round. That kinda stinks for them, right? Ah well, no reason for Big Brother to start being fair this season! The other 11 guests head out back for a magical mushroom good time! The backyard has been transformed into a psychedelic trip where the guests must quickly break into pairs. One team member will sit upon a spinning mushroom while the other teammate answers “true or false” questions. As each question is wrongly answered the mushroom spins faster. The last mushroom spinner sitting wins! The spins pile up as the wrong answers fly and so it’s down to just Joe and Kail on their mushrooms. Faster and faster they go until Joe takes flight, leaving teammates Kail and Eric as the winners. So how does this shared win get split? Well how about the hidden “enemies” pick? Sure, that sounds good. So Dick, Jessica, and Dustin think it over and decide on Kail, which comes as a great relief to Eric. Here’s one more bonus bit about those enemies upstairs, it turns out that they’re safe from Kail’s decision as the new HoH. Wow, good deal for them!

Jumping back to the house the guests gather around on the couches as host Julie reveals its time for them to learn about their hidden roommates. We get the ol’ “expect the unexpected” tag line as Julie rolls out the details. As the first 11 guests learn the details they begin to speculate. Several of them have an idea, but Joe’s guess is the most notable. He immediately guesses correctly that Dustin is upstairs waiting, but unfortunately the talk doesn’t stop there. Disgustingly Joe reveals that he believes Dustin cheated on him and subsequently gave him, brace yourself for the unnecessary moment of the night, gonorrhea. Well that’s nice. Dustin, upstairs, strongly denies this, but either way this little commentary will likely tarnish both of them.

Let’s get off that topic and on to the “enemy” reveals! First up is Jessica and the built up angst between her and Carol comes out flat as Carol simply laughs it off. If I had to pick sides on this one it’d be Carol over Jessica. Next out is Dick, or “Evil Dick” as he prefers. Daniele appears none too happy and will shortly be off to the side in tears. Dick quickly reveals his connection with Daniele to lots of “awws” in the crowd. Lastly is Dustin and after that bombshell the room is rather quiet for the first night.


Okay, now on to the cool, new aspect of this season, “America’s Player”. As Julie points out, there have been puppet masters within the house (Dr. Will!) but now there will be millions of puppet masters from the outside. One house guest will be under our control all season long! This sounds very cool. Each time “our” guest completes 5 tasks assigned to him by America he’ll earn $10,000! Wow, that’s awesome. So what can we request this contestant of ours to do? Anything from hooking up to causing trouble in the Big Brother house. And who is our mystery guest? Why it’s Eric and he welcomes us to the “first alliance of 10 million”. Hah! This is cool. Eric says he’s doing this for the “online bloggers, the live feed watchers, and everyone sitting on their couch saying, ‘what a bunch of idiots’”. So how do we control him? Well starting this Sunday you’ll be able to participate through text messages or online at

So what’s your upcoming Big Brother 8 schedule? Sunday at 8pm we can start our role in “America’s Player” and we’ll see how the “worst enemies” is playing out as the first nominations are revealed. On Tuesday at 9pm we’ll get the first golden power of veto competition. Then next Thursday at 8pm the show will return live for the first eviction of the season. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff and it isn’t going to slow down until the season is over! Don’t miss what’s going on in between either. You can pick up the online, uncensored live feeds (14 day free trial) to see what’s going on between shows.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, July 5, 2007

6 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Season Premiere - Episode 1 Recap - July 5, 2007”

  1. Sheila

    Matt - you rock! I can’t believe you already have such a thorough recap up! Uber kudos to you!

    I think this BB is setting up to be one of the most interesting yet. There is definitely not a lack of drama queens.

    The America’s player dude seems to be pretty level headed and likable.

  2. Matt

    Thanks Sheila!

    Drama queens for sure. This should be pretty good.

    Yeah, I actually really like the America’s player, Eric. He seems to be a smart guy. I was surprised that it turned out to be him. But I guess that’s good as maybe he’ll be able to do it more under the radar than some of the bigger personalities in the house.

  3. Donna

    This years is already shaping up to a real good start! I loved it last night and can’t wait to see what happens next! Does Big Brother have a chat room this year? If so Im not finding it? Please point me in the right direction

  4. Matt

    Last night’s intro episode was definitely exciting, you’re right.

    We’re expecting Big Brother to return with another chat room this year, but we haven’t been able to find the official one yet. We’ll put up a link though once it is available.

  5. Matt

    Okay, this isn’t exactly a chat room, but it is the official message board (forum really) for BB8 from CBS:

  6. Brendan

    Am I the only one who finds this show rediculous to the point of disgusting, with a total disregard for human dignity?

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