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Foreword: Big Brother Season 8 is now in full swing and to avoid missing any current details you’ll want to check out the online, uncensored live feeds (14 day free trial) and see what is going on right now.

Tonight on Big Brother 8 we’ll find out how our house guests are adjusted to their new home and new roommates as well as Kail’s decisions for nominations this week as she is the HoH. On last week’s season opener we saw Kail nudge out Eric for the win as HoH, a decision made by the 3 “worst enemy” twist characters. The other big reveal was Eric as our America’s Player and tonight we’ll get our first swing at influencing his behavior. Read on to see how it all played out tonight on BB8.

The show opens with a look at how each of the three contestants reacted to the news of their personal “worst enemy” joining them in the house. First up was Carol who declares, “I honestly don’t know what was going through my mind at the time. We just got into a fight and never made up.” Jessica footnotes this with, “we were BFF.” Oh high school can be so cruel. Daniele is next on the list and when she saw her father come around the corner she felt it was “a really uncomfortable situation for everybody.” I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t too uncomfortable. Well, I guess my sneakers could provide better arch support, but that’s probably not what Daniele meant. Lastly we have Joe who “became incredibly enraged and angry that this person [Dustin] was here.” Yeah, Joe looks about as mean and terrifying as Mother Theresa ever did. It seems like the last 2 of the 3 “worst enemy” duos have overblown their current situation. Sadly, this twist looks as exciting as the DNA twist from season 5. Ah well.

While I may have given up hope on the “worst enemy” twist the producers haven’t. So we get a few minutes with each duo to see how they’re adjusting. First up is “Evil” Dick and Daniele, the estranged father-daughter couple, who are talking things out in the bathroom area. Dick pleads for some level of cordialness between them to keep the other house guests from feeling uncomfortable, hence making them targets. Daniele isn’t so ready to quickly make up and asks for a little more time. Jumping over to the ex’s, Joe and Dustin, we are persecuted with further discussion on the whole gonorrhea incident. Dustin is calmly trying to talk Joe down from the ledge back in one of the bedrooms, but Joe feels it necessary to go back out to the couches and announce more STD details. Nice. That’s kick that discussion and look at the most mild duo, Carol and Jessica. These two group over in the workout room and make the obvious decision that they’ll cooperate as they really don’t have an issue between them anymore. Oh, except that Jessica doesn’t like girls that use curling irons.

On a lighter note we get our first tour of the newly redesigned HoH room as it was kept secret in our first BB8 picture tour. The walls are done up in metal plates of gray and blue with a somewhat concrete block look. It gives me the prison cell feeling instead of the previous years’ luxurious accommodation mood. That’s a shame, but I’m sure the HoH will still appreciate the privacy of a personal bath and lockable door each week. The house guests peruse Kail’s pictures and get to see all of her children. My count was 3 with 2 boys and 1 girl. Did I miss any? It’s at this point that a sidebar with Amber reveals her feelings of another special bond. The last one was with Nick and the “sparks” that flew when they first met. This time it’s with Kail as they are both moms. I wonder why no one else seems to sense this magical connections with Amber. Hmm.

Okay, now for some neurotic house guest behavior time! Woohoo! And our first supplier of the season is… Jen! All the house guests rush in from lock down out back to a newly populated Memory Wall, this wall displays all the house guests pictures and will turn gray as each one is voted out during the season. Everyone is enjoying their new decoration except for Jen. Jen immediately protests the picture and declares it is the “ugliest picture” she’s ever seen. A quick hand placement over her mug prevents the other guests from taking a peek as they are all trying to understand the cause of her tears. Yes, she’s actually standing there crying over her picture. Jen believes there are dark bags under her eyes which, “aren’t even my bags.” Oh how cruel you can be Big Brother, how cruel. “Everyone else’s picture looks really good and mine looks really bad,” says Jen. The voice of sanity is supplied by Jessica as she declares Jen has made too big of a deal out of that. No kidding. She asks if it’s possible for her to rip it off the wall. As this isn’t an option she is satisfied by taping what might be an oven mitt. The violin music playing as a backdrop is classic.

On to more serious game play, the first major alliance has emerged, Mrs. Robinson and her 3 boys. Mike meets with Kail in the HoH room to tell her he wants to align with one person for the whole ride. Kail is quick to expand this to 4 people instead and Mike agrees. The group expands to include Zach and Nick, who both agree to the alliance. Hah, I called the alliance between Mike, Zach, and Nick the other week as a potential for “The Mob”. I just didn’t anticipate Kail getting mixed in. Good for her. I like this bunch of players and am looking forward to seeing how far they can go.

Here comes what might be the most disgusting food competition in Big Brother history for me. The house guests randomly break into two groups and march out back to find a huge movie popcorn tub and butter dispenser. The game is to get the most butter from the dispenser to the bucket of popcorn using only their bodies. Jen immediately declares that she doesn’t want “old man” Dick touching her body and so he’s exiled to the top of the butter dispenser in lieu of bodily contact. Very mature. Once the game gets going the guests immediately begin the golden showers (okay, I couldn’t resist) of butter (of BUTTER you pervert!). It’s really rather stomach turning and I’m amazed at how well they handled it. I’d have exiled myself to butter dispensing had I been involved. Jameka provides a funny sidebar on how she doubted anyone “looked at anybody and said, ‘oh yeah, she’s mine tonight.’” Well except for Mike who thought everyone looked sexy as they glistened in the sun like Baywatch. We’re then treated to a slow-mo bouncy, bouncy sequence of body parts. The timer finally runs out to reveal the Red team has demolished the Blue team by more than doubling the Blue team’s “Butter Meter” score. This means the Red team is on Big Brother slop for the next week. E-gad.

Before we get to tonight’s nominations it’s time to discover our first America’s Player opportunity. We get to decide which house guest Eric will pour his heart out to with a made up story. Shucks. I was hoping we’d get to help pick the story he’d share. This should provide a pretty good chance for Eric and we’ll see just how good of a liar/player he’ll be for us. It also reminds me of how Will Kirby would completely make up stories to draw sympathy or attention, like the one about his uncle who was killed on an oil rig. He made that one up just to fit the Ouija board situation. I’m really hoping we get another player as smart as Will this season. So who are you going to vote for Eric to talk with for his story? I’m thinking Kail as she’s the Mother Hen of a strong alliance. Tough call.

Here we go, the first nominations of Big Brother 8. Kail narrates that this decision was very difficult for her as she knows so little about the other players. What we know for pretty sure is that Mike, Nick, and Zach should be safe. But who isn’t? As the keys are withdrawn from the once again overly bulky device we discover that Amber and Carol Amber have been nominated. Hmm, so much for that “bond” Amber felt with Kail. I’m a little surprised by these nominations. Last week I called it going on either Jessica or Carol as they both appeared as relatively weak players. Earlier in the episode Kail had suggested she really wanted to evict a male player, so to see 2 female players was a bit of an upset. Kail provides a pretty decent rationale though for her evictions. She reminds me that the 3 “worst enemy” players selected her to be HoH for her efforts in the HoH competition. So likewise she selected her nominations based on the weakest efforts in that same competition. Carol and Amber were the first two players out and so they are now up on the chopping block. That sounds pretty safe and should shield her from most anger, hopefully.

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On Tuesday we’ll see the first Power of Veto competition as Amber and Carol will fight for their survival. Should one of these two get the Veto it’ll be an easy choice, but if not they’ll have to try a lot of sweet talking to get off that chopping block. If you can’t wait till Tuesday and you want to know what’s going on right now in the Big Brother 8 house, then check out the online, uncensored live feeds (14 day free trial).

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Sunday, July 8, 2007

6 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Week 1 Nominations Recap - July 8, 2007”

  1. Sheila

    The part with Jen freaking out over her photo was unbelievable. How vain! I couldn’t help but crack up about it. Obviously the chick has never had to deal with hardships in her life, because a perfectly good photo made her cry so much. I’m not sure who the bigger drama queen is…Joe or Jen? ;-)

  2. Matt

    Well now there is an official poll in the sidebar for everyone to vote on who is the bigger drama queen. It’s a close race.

  3. Tiffany Seidel

    I want to keep Dick and his daughter in the game at least till the final four.get rid of Eric and have Dick’s daughter and Jessica in the final two and let Dick’s daughter win.

  4. Tiffany Seidel

    I say Jen is the drama queen because she pitched a fit over a perfictly fine picture of her. Although she is a model she needs to get used to the bad pictures.

  5. Tiffany Seidel

    I think Joe was funny but not as much of a drama queen over Jen. Joe was a lot better than Jen.

  6. J.J

    I am so mad Eric and Jessica were best oh and Jen is the biggest drama queen but Amber was also quite dramatic.

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