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Foreword: Big Brother Season 8 is now in full swing and to avoid missing any current details you’ll want to check out the online, uncensored live feeds (14 day free trial) and see what is going on right now.

Last night on BB8 we saw the first major alliance begin to take form as Kail, Mike, Nick, and Zach formed what has become known as Mrs. Robinson and her boys. If you’re not familiar with The Graduate it’s definitely worth renting and/or owning as I still get some good chuckles from the very young Dustin Hoffman. Things may not have gone too smoothly for Mrs. Robinson there, but how are things looking for this new Robinson and crew? Let’s take a look at each piece of the Big Brother pie.

Kail, aka Mrs. Robinson: So far Kail has impressed me with what she’s shown. Usually the “older gal” doesn’t have a very integral role in this summer show, but that looks to change this time around. We’ve learned that Kail is a suavy business owner which demonstrates strategic smarts, something that should come in very handy here. The next benefit Kail has is her Mother Hen role allowing her to gain emotional confidence from the other characters while hiding behind the shroud of care and support. I like Kail’s eagerness to start the real game play and am looking forward to what she can do.

Mike: While Kail will likely get most the credit for this alliance it is worth noting that Mike first approached Kail to form a 2-person team. Although I agree Kail was smart to expand it to more as The Mob approach is stronger than a 2-person, I like what Mike was thinking. Even after our second episode of the season we still don’t know too much else about Mike, though I hear he’s quite the ladies man on the live feeds. Hopefully that angle will give Mike the leads he needs to pull heart strings to get his needed votes down the road.

Nick: We’ve yet to see too much about Nick and his method of game play. Clearly this strong guy should be a great benefit to the alliance for endurance or strength competitions. Having a very muscular and handsome guy around is always a smart idea for alliances. I can only assume this is why everyone always wants to be my friend too.

Zach: Same as with Nick, we don’t know too much about Zach other than he’s got his head on straight. In the first episode Zach laid out his priorities as he noted the girls were beautiful but he’s here for the money. Will Zach turn out to be a smarts or a strength player? Tough to tell at this point, but maybe he’ll just end up some where in between.

I get the feeling that the originators of the Mrs. Robinson alliance, Kail and Mike, will prove to be the strongest aspects. They wasted no time forming a team and were smart in their selections while the other two appear to be tag alongs, so far at least. Now their choices will come down to whether this will be a secret alliance or an in-your-face, Chill-town-ish alliance. Personally, I’d go silent for as long as I could to avoid any premature alienations from the other 10 house guests (soon to be 9). Slowly as they start to win things and dominate they’ll be more able to confidently reveal their tactics in an intimidating fashion. Let’s see just how far they can take it this season. Big Brother 10

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Monday, July 9, 2007

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