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Foreword: Big Brother Season 8 is now in full swing and to avoid missing any current details you’ll want to check out the online, uncensored live feeds (14 day free trial) and see what is going on right now.

Tonight the drama continues on Big Brother 8 as we are treated to our first of the weekly Power of Veto (PoV) competitions. The winner of the PoV will have the opportunity to take someone down from the chopping block, including herself, and then the HoH will be forced to immediately name a replacement. Considering we rarely see the PoV used and as early as it is in the game I’m not expecting to see that happen tonight, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

The show opens with a rehash of Sunday’s nomination ceremony and quickly leads right into more diary room scenes of puffy, red faced Amber crying. Then more of Amber crying. Finally there is more of Amber crying. Amber has definitely taken on the role of Water Works this season. Amber doesn’t understand the “fairness” aspect of Kail’s nominations and as a mother Amber swears she’d never put up Kail. Amber and these invisible “bonds” are going to be the end of her before too long if not this week.

Carol goes to Zach and pleads for his help as she recognizes his potential in the house. “I need your help bad,” she tells Zach. Zach, in turn, encourages her to fight to stay in the house. I just don’t see Carol being able to bare her teeth and really do what it takes to survive. She comes across as a very sweet, easy going girl who would rather leave the house than to upset someone else. How someone like this ends up on the show each year I don’t know, but I guess you always need someone to leave first.

Turns out, no surprise, that Nick came to the house with plans to flirt his way into the girls’ voting plans. We’re treated to all of Nick’s “special moments” with the individual girls as he sweet talks them. Most disturbing is Amber’s wide open invitation to get freaky with him. She questions him on if he’s “ever had a girl where you experiment and just do things?” This gets followed by her admission to being “seriously a nympho.” Wow. Okay, live feed viewers, you could easily have your first sex repeat since Amanda and David in season 4. All it took from Nick to get this line from Amber was to tell her he thought she was “super awesome”. Who knew that was the key? Well then, from now on I’m switching from “you’re nifty” to “you’re super awesome.”

Buckle down cause here we go with our first drama of the night and Nick is at the center. While we saw an initial clip from Jen stating she didn’t like muscles, she must have thought they were asking about “mussels” instead because she’s getting pressed over Nick. As all the girls (+ Joe) gather in the kitchen to discuss Nick’s flirting tactics Jen declares Nick tried to kiss her. He didn’t. But what does Joe do? Don’t forget that Joe is also infatuated with Nick. He runs to tell Nick, who was busy trying to talk with Daniele in a darkened bedroom. Of course when Joe relays this story to Nick it transforms to Jen claiming he tried to make out with her. Nick quickly stomps out this rumor in front of everyone and really makes her look foolish as he closes with, “you’re clueless.” That was a nice way to put it. Later Jen pulls him aside to the storage room and apologizes profusely while asking for a hug. This girl looks like a real hassle and I don’t anticipate any of the guys wasting their time on her this season.

Toss the drama aside, cause now it’s big brother 12 PoV competition time. Yah! Just like last year there will be 6 participants, but instead of direct selections by those at risk plus the HoH they will each randomly pull a lottery ball to determine the other 3 players. At the end of the process our 6 players are: Kail, Amber, Carol, Daniele, Jameka, and Nick. Then, for what must be some audience-hating tactic, Kail selected Jessica to be the host. Oh good gravy. If you had to pick someone in that house to speak then why, why would it be Jessica? Her voice of an over-stimulated six year old girl is painful to my BB8 experience. Anyways, the game will be hide and seek, of sorts. Each player will hide a token in the house and then everyone will try to find them. The player whose token is found last wins the first PoV.

As we’re treated to clips of the players finding their favorite hiding spot I can’t help but notice how terribly thin Daniele is. I wonder if for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day there’s some way I could get her a meal. Thanks Sally Strothers. Daniele puts her veto token in the BB slop. Amber decides on a pillowcase, which she’ll undoubtedly return to later to cry on. Kail goes for in the middle of the tea bags. Jameka goes for her hair extension bag and wedges it behind her bed. Nick goes for under a mattress while Carol makes the same choice, but thankfully in a different bed. Once the players return for solo chances at “seeking” the tokens are turned up one by one until Daniele is declared the winner. Smart thinking, unless Daniele didn’t realize what a refrigerator was and she put her veto token in there by accident.

America’s Player, Eric, is put to task next as he discovers we’ve picked Kail for him to open his heart to over a fake event in his past. I’m glad America picked Kail as I think she’s likely to take him seriously and actually maybe even care. Picking Jen might have been funny to watch her keep trying to cut him off to get back to discussing her, but this should work out better in the long run. Eric waters up his eyes before going into to Kail’s room and laying it on thick. He confesses to her that he had a girlfriend in high school with an eating disorder and Daniele reminds him in a way of the situation. I’m quite impressed with Eric and am even wondering if BB8 has brought in a ringer actor to fill this role. Eric keeps crying and whining as he goes on and on about this situation that never really occurred. Personally, I think Kail bought it as she declares in the diary room that Eric is a very sensitive guy. I am liking this America’s Player thing already!

Tonight’s episode has built up to this event, the PoV ceremony. Now it’s time for Daniele, as the holder of the PoV, to announce her decision to the rest of the house guests. We’re given plenty of sidebar discussion from Daniele as she explains the stress this responsibility has given her. Daniele speculates that keeping Carol around could help her as Carol isn’t much of a game player. Amber’s ability to get along well with most of the house guests is a potential threat to Daniele, she narrates. So what does she decide? No surprise to me, Daniele decides to not use the Power of Veto. Blah move, but a smart move as I don’t see how using the PoV could have really helped her. As such, the nominations remain the same so Amber and Carol will stay on the chopping block as we head towards Thursday’s live eviction show.

BB8 Amber BB8 Carol

So who do you think will be evicted? Will the girls start to campaign or just roll with the punches? Share your opinion below. If you can’t wait till Thursday and you want to know what’s going on right now in the Big Brother 8 house, then check out the online, uncensored live feeds (14 day free trial).

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Posted on: Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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