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Foreword: Big Brother Season 8 is now in full swing and to avoid missing any current details you’ll want to check out the online, uncensored live feeds (14 day free trial) and see what is going on right now.

After Tuesday night’s Power of Veto show tonight, it will be either Dick or Joe headed home. Dick is convinced that he has a better chance to stay because he has formed more and better personal relationships that Joe did. Joe’s thoughts about being nominated against Dick, “I’m pretty much screwed.” Joe started campaigning really hard to stay.

Dick called Kail on her alliance with Mike and Zach. He told her that everyone knew about it and it was just going to make her a target. Kail went straight to Mike and said that Evil Dick had to go. She even went to Daniele and tried to convince her to vote Dick out. Wow, that’s cold. Kail is in for it. She told Dick she would tell him if she was going to vote for him. Daniele told Dick what Kail was doing. In classic Dick style he called her on it in front of the whole house. Kail held her own much better than Jen.

They interviewed Nate who is Dustin’s best friend. The one that Joe slept with to get back at Dustin. Nate only confirmed that Joe was not to be trusted and that Dustin was the victim. Joe actually had the nerve to ask Dustin for his vote and then when Dustin said no way. Joe then totally tried to make him feel bad about it. What a jerk.

When Julie asked Jen about what Dick has said about her. She just said that she just smiles and ignores him. That sounds about right. She just doesn’t listen to it because she knows just how great she is. Jen of course lied about why she nominated Daniele again.

America’s Vote
Eric’s assignment for tonight was to vote for Joe.

Live Voting Results:

Dustin - Joe
Daniele - Joe
Eric - Joe
Amber - Joe
Kail - Evil Dick
Jameka - Joe
Mike - Joe
Nick - Joe
Jessica - Joe
Zach - Joe

By a vote of 9 to 1 Joe is headed to the couch with Julie. I love the way most of the house guests say nice things to Joe after they voted him out.Wow, I’m surprised that both Mike and Zach voted for Joe. I guess Kail doesn’t have as much influence with them as she thought. I’ll be interested to see what she has to say to them. Kail better watch out Dick will be gunning for her.

BB8 Joe

HOH Competition:
Tonight’s competition: Getting schooled. This was the BB edition of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. The guests had to answer a series of true-false questions regarding their time in the Big Brother house. It came down to Daniele, Dick, and Mike. Dick won it! Excellent. This should be a really good week! He is going to make a few of his fellow house guests truly miserable.

BB8 Dick

America’s Player Assignment
Who should Eric try to get nominated? Let Eric know who you would like him to try to get Dick to nominate. big brother 10

Sunday too far away to see how the house gets by with out Joe, then check out the online, uncensored live feeds (14 day free trial).

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Thursday, July 19, 2007

2 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Week 2 Eviction Recap - July 19, 2007”

  1. Matt

    Awesome! Way to go Dick. This is going to be a great week. Watch out Jen and Kail!

  2. superchicken

    With Jen and Kail now for intents and purposes isolated, Dick might feel like considering alternative strategies in an effort to maximize his HOH position. He could target one or the other and play a pawn against them if likes … say something like targeting Jen or Kail against someone perceived to be pretty safe like Nick. So one is removed and the other is left twisting in the wind with nowhere to go. If this were the course Dick were to choose then I would suggest Kail has to go this week for I would think Kail would have a better chance of mending fences and perhaps forming a new alliance than Jen would. Keeping Jen around for awhile has a few advantages .. 1) She would be great to go up against in the final, 2) She can be easily picked off a few weeks down the line when convenient and 3) We get to enjoy her body for a little while longer (sorry).

    Having said that, I think the proper call is for Dick to put up Jen and Kail for eviction. There are a couple of obvious reasons of course .. both of them are threats and both will right about now be waking up and seeing that they really blew it by nominating Joe to replace Daniele and will be gunning for Dick a lot harder if either gets a second chance and secondly, both are physically capable of winning a bunch of HOH’s. However I feel the important reason is that Dick can freely make these nominations without suffering any consequences one would assume. Jen swings for Dick and Dani, ends up getting neither of them and is pretty much a dead duck in the aftermath. Dick swings back at Jen and Kail and nobody will say a word because they are so isolated and the move is so expected.

    Of course I’m sticking strictly to in-game strategy here. I could see Dick nominating Jen and Kail for purely emotional reasons and quite often that backfires (it could be argued Jen likes Nick and that clouded her judgement in putting Joe up). In this case I think the emotional response neatly matches up with the proper call game wise,

    Dick should nominate Jen and Kail.

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