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There’s no doubt that Kail is in some serious trouble this week as she has fallen under the shadow of Evil Dick’s chopping block axe. But can the business owner from Oregon overcome this situation to keep fighting for that half million dollars? I’ll admit that Kail definitely surprised and impressed me in her role as “the older gal“. Usually that character is much more reserved and takes the route of passive and hidden. Kail did no such thing and it could easily be the cause of where she sits right now. Despite what she may have done to put herself in this position it’s interesting to examine just what are her chances of escaping disaster?

Right from the start Kail was full mode into strategy and alliances. As her once full of potential alliance, Mrs. Robinson, is becoming fully exposed we are constantly reminded of how Kail initiated this group on the first day. I was surprised by how easily she pulled the three big guys into her circle so quickly. Though Nick made a good point about not wanting to turn it down and then be put on the “outs” so soon into the game. Kail’s next incident of looking too far ahead was when she quickly turned on Dick last week. While everyone in the house is in one way or another a potential threat I think Kail overreacted in her rush to get Dick out of the house. I doubt that Dick would have even considered coming after her for quite awhile had she sat put and stayed quiet. I even believe that Dick respected her as he would often ask her what she thought of him. Instead of taking advantage of Dick’s admiration she misused it as trust to secretly work against him. Bad idea.

So here she sits, waiting in the wings for a possible chopping block execution and I can’t blame it on anyone else but her. Sunday night Kail said that her kids would tell her to fight the whole way, and they’re right, she should try to fight. But at this point I think it’d only be out of honor and not hope. While Dick really, really lucked out last week to get away from the danger and instead aim the votes at Joe I don’t see Kail sharing this luck. With her alliance disbanded it looks like only Kail will be fighting to save Kail this week in the PoV. Should she win it, great, good for her. It’d then be a no brainer and she’d be off the block, end of discussion. I just don’t feel like we’re going to see that happening though. Big Brother 10

Should Kail fail to win the PoV and fail to convince its winner to remove her from the block then she’ll remain there against Jen (or allegedly Mike if Jen comes down). The rest of the house seems as oblivious to Jen as Jen is to the rest of the house. When the votes come down between the two of them I don’t see any reason to keep the conniving Kail over the dopey Jen. Kail would stab you in the back, front, and side given the chance. Jen on the other hand would be too fascinated by the shiny knife and her reflection to consider stabbing anyone. Now if it’s Mike versus Kail that gets a little trickier. It’d be very tempting to use this chance to eliminate Mike who could prove tough to beat as the endurance competitions emerge. However, at this stage he’s still pretty harmless while Kail is a living threat to Dick and crew.

No matter how the dice are rolled I don’t see this working out in Kail’s favor. She spent a lot of years trying to get on the show and her anxiousness to start playing has done her in. Slow and steady wins this race. Spend the first few weeks making strong friends, not the first hours making alliances. Friends will support you out of desire while an alliance is out of obligation. Best of luck, Kail. You’re going to need it.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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