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Design Star HGTV

This Sunday on HGTV the second season of the reality series Design Star will be starting. If you’re not familiar think The Apprentice meets Designing. While I’ll admit to having watched nearly every episode of House Hunters and Curb Appeal this was an HGTV show that I had completely missed. Lucky for me, and you, I got my hands on a promo copy of the season premiere of Design Star and it was actually pretty good.

Instead of the usual, overstuffed casts Design Star starts off with a very manageable list of 11 designers. Well, mostly all designers. One of the contestants, Kim, seems to be there on a lucky chance as she’s actually a hair dresser from New York, though she declares there to be a close similarity between the two jobs. The rest of the cast ranges from your stay-at-home traditional tastes mom, Christina, to Californian surfer-dude Todd, and don’t forget “Sparkle” Josh who is not to be confused with regular Josh.

Each week the designers will be faced with a task and following a review by the panel of three judges one designer will be sent home, or as they put it “have their show canceled.” The first week’s challenge is for the designers to decorate their new home. At this point I got very jealous because their residence for the stay of the show is a penthouse in Las Vegas with an incredible view. The cast quickly breaks into duos and singles to tackle individual sections of the house. Some designers boldly volunteer for tough tasks like the master bedroom and the dining area while you’ll see a few cop outs with “the bar and foyer area” as well as “the hallway area.” One designer even builds a half-pipe, seriously, for his section and I’ll let you make the obvious guess on that one.

As far as whose “show is canceled” in the season premiere, I don’t know. Cruelly the promo video cut off just before the reveal, so you can bet I’m going to be watching it this Sunday to see what happens. Even luckier is that it’ll be coming on after Big Brother 8, so there won’t be any conflicts with my schedule. After just one episode I’m hooked and if you’re one to watch HGTV in the first place then I think you’ll like this one too.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Friday, July 27, 2007

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