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Tonight on Big Brother 8 we get to find out who the new HoH, Dustin, will nominate, who gets stuck with Big Brother Slop for the week, and who has the most drama! Let’s waste no time getting to the drama as the houseguests immediately try to figure out who was the second vote against Kail over Mike. We know that it was Eric as America’s Player, but the houseguests are struggling between Jen or Nick. Eric smiles the whole way through this as no one mentions him as a possibility.

The next bit of drama comes from, of course, Dick as he argues with Amber over the importance of pets in relation to children. Sadly, Amber considers her dog as important as her child. She later backpedals and says she never said that, but she did. “I love my dog just as much as I love my daughter,” said Amber. Wow, that’s gotta make her daughter feel pretty good. I’m going to have to go with Dick on this one. Dick’s drama isn’t over for this show though as we’re presented with yet another emotional struggle between him and Daniele. I think it’s great that they’re talking again, but I could really do without these little mini-dramas each week. Daniele cries, Dick pleads ignorance, and it ends with a hug that has the warmth of Mr. Burns.

Food Competition:
This week the houseguests, minus Dustin as HoH, pair up and must reassemble Humpty Dumpty dolls. Only the first pair who completes the puzzle is guaranteed to not end up eating Big Brother Slop. The race is frantic and really highlights Dustin’s abilities to MC an event as a king more than anything. Eventually Jameka and Jessica complete their egg, which is great for them as they’ve both been on slop for the past two weeks. However, the prize comes with a big downside, at least I consider it to be a sharp edge to the win. Jameka and Jessica must now select 5 houseguests to be stuck on BB8 slop for the week. Now that’s a way to make some enemies. They don’t appear to have too much trouble selecting the following housemates: Dick, Kail, Zach, Nick, and Jen. Those were pretty easy choices and shouldn’t cause too many waves.

America’s Player:
It’s time for us to find out how everyone voted for Eric’s task to get nominated this week. No big surprise here at all is that America has selected Jen for his target. Eric is anxious to give this a try as he believes it’s easily within his grasp. A few interjections at the Late Night Crew’s discussions of the nominations and Eric seems to have made a solid argument in support of Jen’s nomination. Let’s see if he succeeded getting through to Dustin. Before that we learn that our next America’s Choice vote will be for which catchphrase we want Eric to start in the house. Our three options are: “Sweet Chicken!”, “Booyakah!”, or “I’d do that for a dollar.”


Dustin expressed his wavering between two potential set ups. First, he could nominate Zach and Kail or secondly, he could nominate Jen and Kail. Most people in the house don’t feel too strongly about any of these three and would be happy seeing any of them go. At the start of the ceremony Dustin announces that he made his selections on competitiveness and strategy. That should make from a nice change of pace from the usual emotional selections we’ve seen for the past few weeks. Dustin’s nominations are revealed to be: Kail and Jen. In a Diary Room sidebar Dustin makes it clear that he wants Kail out of the house this week. He made an agreement with her to be put up as a pawn, but instead he has made her his main focus on big brother 12. Could this finally be Kail’s time to go? Unless she survives with a PoV win on Tuesday it looks like she could be in real danger!

BB8 Jen BB8 Kail

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Posted on: Sunday, July 29, 2007

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