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Looks like my cheapness has finally paid off. Following Sony’s price cut on the 60GB Playstation from $599 to $499 (Be aware, that’s a temp cut and is more of a clearance sale as the price will go back up when they sell the remain stock of 60GB devices.) it appears that Microsoft is ready to follow suit, allegedly of course. The rumor is that Microsoft will drop the price by $50 starting August 8th, but it’s not clear if the cut will be on all three platform levels or not.

The particular date of the rumor price cut carries significance to the Xbox 360, according the Hollywood Reporter:

As for the Aug. 8 date, there is significance to the timing. Not only will Electronic Arts’ “Madden NFL 08″ be reaching stores shelves just a few days after the drop, but Microsoft also has several other highly touted games, including “BioShock” by publisher Irrational Games and “John Woo Presents Stranglehold” from Tiger Hill Entertainment, coming for the Xbox 360 in August.

Then there is that whole Halo 3 thing coming along in September. I wouldn’t think MS would need any help selling additional consoles with the return of Master Chief, but maybe they don’t want to take the chance. Regardless of a price cut or not I’m getting ready to take the plunge as I want to be ready to finish the trilogy.

More backup information with screenshots of a Wal-Mart flyer showing the reduced price over at Gizmodo.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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