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After last week’s surprise elimination of Captain Azmyth (well he wasn’t captain at the time) the game really opened up. The Triad alliance fell apart as soon as Jay a chance to take over the game. So this week should be no different. Looking for the best way to line himself up for more success Jay formed a new safety net by bringing Nessa into the fold along with Ben and Christa. The obvious problem with his plan was that with only seven pirates left the chances of all four of them ending up on one team was not very good. So with this possibility looming Jay said that if he was on the opposing team he’d point out the treasure to Ben and Christa. I somehow doubt that considering Jay’s cut throat game play.

Treasure Hunt:

As the reigning Captain Christa is the first onto the black team. Pirate fortune clearly shines on this bunch as the balls are drawn to reveal Jay and Ben will be joining her along with Laurel. Sadly that means Nessa is on the opposing team with Louie and Kendra. Clearly not a very even stacking of players here. This week’s treasure hunt is one of the toughest we’ve seen. The pirates first have to carry buckets of water all the way up the mountain where they’ll use the water to raise the clue. This clue sends them to a beautiful waterfall where they have to swim around looking for the next clue buried at the bottom of the lake. The teams take a really long time at this stage and are getting really beat around by the water. Well, everyone but Kendra who sits over on the side as she can’t really swim. As Nessa pointed out, that left her team with half the pirates to search for the clue. Ben eventually finds it first and leads the black team to the final location, a huge muddy swap. The red team catches up here and both teams are digging through the mud by jamming their hands below the surface. More pirate luck arrives for the black team as Christa finds the treasure and Jay helps her wrestle it away from Louie who tried to steal it under the mud.


Nessa Pirate Master

Back on the boat the amount of the treasure is revealed to be $40,000 and like a good captain Christa splits the money evenly. Once again there will be only two black spots this week and those go to Nessa and Kendra. Kendra isn’t surprised as this is at least the fourth week in a row she has been nominated. Nessa on the other hand is pretty upset and verbal about it. Best of all is when Jay, who hatched the whole plan to get rid of Nessa, sides with her saying he doesn’t know what Christa is doing and how unfair this is to Nessa. This guy is smart and I really hope to see him when the whole prize as he deserves it the most. Once Pirate Court arrives the two pirates have their chance to plead their case before captain and crew. Nessa challenges Christa and calls out her alliance on why they would turn on her. Everyone agrees that Kendra is the weakest player while Nessa is the strongest. Makes me feel bad for Kendra who is constantly getting beat up each week there in the court session. The pirates cast their votes and Nessa has been eliminated without any dissenting votes.

There are now only six pirates left and four episodes left to go. Who will be the pirate master? I’m hoping for Jay! What about you?

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Friday, August 3, 2007

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