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Tonight on Big Brother 8 it’s time to find out who hangs in there the longest for the endurance competition that started on Thursday. There really wasn’t too much endurance to offer here though from most of these house guests. Amber lasts a whole six minutes, but she “tried, really tried.” Most of the guys fall quickly and Eric is disqualified for raising his torso too high. While the house guests that have dropped are waiting for the final four ladies (Jessica, Jen, Daniele, and Kail) a banner plane flies over. Considering how hard BB works to hide these from the houseguests and us I’m surprised they gave this air time. The banner read, “We love Nick. Eric & Amber are liars. The LNC = Nerd Herd.” Uh oh Eric. But what about Amber? Well she tells us she physically can’t lie. Apparently she physically can’t remember lying to Nick’s face last week either.

The heckling starts up shortly after as Dick tries to get in the ladies’ heads. He’s focusing his energy on Jen and Kail, of course. Jessica drops next with a cramp in her leg. Jen follows it up after a little longer. It’s down to Kail and Daniele. After swearing she’d be safe under Daniele’s command Kail drops down. Daniele is this week’s new HoH. So let the drama begin. Dick immediately pulls Daniele into the corner as she cries realizing that if the two of them had voted in Nick’s favor he may have been able to stay. Eric and Amber start doing their own damage control, but is it too little too late?

Looks like it might be. Dick and Daniele are on fire with their theories. They are surprisingly right with some of it, but way off with a lot. Dick and Daniele believe that Eric is in a secret alliance with Kail. Which doesn’t make any sense because he’s been voting against her each week! Duh. Second mistake D&D make is to confess their suspicions to Jessica. As we all know Jessica and Eric have become very close. Thankfully Jessica runs and tells Eric, just as D&D asked her not to do. Eric is livid over this development and says this just means they’ll be leaving two weeks earlier now.

America’s Player:

This week we get to decide who Eric should make a pact with to take to the end. Now this doesn’t have to be his real intention, he just has to say it. The obvious choice for this would be to select Jessica, but considering he already has her vote in his pocket I think we should try for someone else. It would also need to be someone that wouldn’t turn on Eric and broadcast his offered deal. This is a tough choice.

Last week we voted on who we want Eric to get nominated. Well this vote is getting a little pointless. America voted and has decided we want Jen to be nominated for big brother 12. No kidding. Should be easy enough considering Jen’s relationship with Daniele these days.

Time for Daniele’s nominations. Will Daniele’s suspicions override her dislike of Jen? Nope. Hah, once again we have Jen and Kail as the nominees this week. Third time’s a charm they tell the victims. However, hold on. Daniele reveals in a final diary room moment that her real plans don’t involve the eviction of Kail or Jen. Looks like she’s planning to go after Eric. But does she have the votes? Could be close.

BB8 Jen BB8 Kail

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Sunday, August 5, 2007

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