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After last week’s elimination of Nessa the competition has thinned out to only six pirates. The competition is getting fierce as these pirates are nearing the final treasure hunt. Tonight’s episode will prove another challenge for the new Triad alliance: Christa, Jay, and Ben; as they struggle to maintain their cohesive efforts despite the chance of being separated by teams. Can Jay keep Christa on a leash? Will Kendra survive another black spot (she’s had 5 so far!)? Let’s find out on Pirate Master Episode 11!

The show starts with Ben expressing his concerns over Jay’s sneaky pirate behavior. I think Ben should be pretty worried, but that shouldn’t be an issue this week as they seem to still be on good terms. Other than that life on the boat is going well for everyone as Captain Christa is a benevolent leader who doesn’t force her crew to do any work. This is quite a change of pace from the days of Joe Don! With so few crew members left on the ship the show doesn’t waste any time getting right to the big treasure hunting event.

Treasure Hunt:

As the reigning Captain Christa is the first onto the black team. The rest of the pirates will split evenly this week to form teams of three and three. The rest of the black crew consists of Louie and Ben. That means the red team will be Jay, Laurel, and Kendra. Looks like it’ll be time for Jay to make good on his promise that if he isn’t on Christa’s team then his team will lose.

The first clue for the pirates is written on a cork, as this crew member’s treasure is from the ship’s smuggler. Right from the start Jay is working against the red team with his weak rowing. It’s pretty funny to watch. Louie gets excited because he think their lead is legitimate. Unfortunately the black crew has unintentional problems of their own which keeps the teams pretty close. After searching for a clue in the smuggler’s stash the teams run back to the anchor to find the treasure in the sand. Here Jay is the first the figure out the treasure isn’t under the sand, but rather at the end of the anchor chain. Since no one else notices this Jay has to actually go tell Ben to follow the chain out to the treasure chest at the end of it. This leads to the final clue which leads the black crew to the treasure inside the cave first. Jay’s plan to sink his team’s ship has won and Christa will remain as captain for another week. Here’s the funny part though. Once the winning team breaks open the treasure container (wasn’t really a chest) they discover the smuggler’s note saying he has betrayed his captain and kept the gold for himself. Hah! So there is no prize money this week.

The funny stuff doesn’t end there though as Jay has a few more tricks up his pirate sleeves. Jay suggests he and Ben play a little “high card” game where the person who pulls the highest card wins the other players $500 gold coin. This sounds somewhat legit, but that is quickly cast aside as we find out Jay is setting the deck each time. He says that if he tilts the cards just right when he puts them back down he can see where his Queen card is and pull that again. Wow, nice guy, huh? After pulling the same Queen card three times Ben decides he’s had enough. That was $2000 down the drain for Ben!


Prior to elimination Louie offers himself up for a black spot, which Jay points out is stupid when there are only six pirates left. I’d say that’s stupid no matter how many pirates are left! “I’ve got no problem going up there,” says Louie to Captain Christa. Louie thinks they’ll put him up against Kendra, which isn’t unlikely. Kendra takes one last chance when she meets with Christa to plant a seed that Jay is a real threat. Christa doesn’t buy it though as she has given black spots to Kendra and Louie. Louie is now up to four spots and Kendra has the record with six spots. That means Kendra has had more black spot letters than letters without the spots.

Kendra Pirate Master

Pirate court has arrived. There are only three voting pirates this week so the nominees try and influence those voters. This is a tough call as there are good reasons to keep both. First up to self-defend is Louie who offers his word and honor to play the game with them. Kendra, who is becoming a pro at this, says that she may be slow in the water she still has a lot to give in the logical aspects of the challenges. The votes are in and its unanimous, Kendra has been set adrift with a 3-0 vote against her. Wow, I’m kinda surprised as I thought this was the ideal time to get rid of the very likeable Louie.

Okay, before we say goodbye to Kendra forever, here’s one little fun fact about her: Kendra is a certified scuba instructor and “dive master”. Yes, that’s right. The girl that can’t swim and has had to be dragged along in the water is in charge of teaching others how to swim underwater. Huh?! Seriously. You can see for yourself on Kendra’s bio page at CBS.

There are now only five pirates left and three episodes left to go. Who will be the pirate master? I’m still hoping for Jay to win! What about you?

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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  1. Judy

    Thank you for this website!

  2. Matt

    No problem. Glad you’re enjoying it! We’ll keep the PM coverage going all the way to the end.

  3. Sonja

    Hey Matt,
    Glad you could take the time to fill us in. I for one was enjoying the show and was sad to see it disappear without warning. Unfortunately, I live in Canada and CBS.com will not let me watch the episodes. Can you tell me if you’ll be posting recaps to the end? Are we only at episode 11? I can’t seem to find anything further online. Thanks :)

  4. Matt

    No problem, I’m glad to keep everyone updated. Yes, the show is only up to episode 11 so far. Ep 12 will be online Tuesday and I’ll get the recap up shortly after that. We’ll keep all your recaps going for the full season, so keep checking back for all your Pirate Master coverage.

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