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It’s Eviction Night again on Big Brother 8 and I am ready to see if this was a Marcellas level stupid move from Dustin. The show launches right off with everyone scrambling to figure out this mess they’re in. Zach and Jessica group for a little date night (don’t worry Eric, just strategy talk) and have a very smart discussion. Zach might be sidelined from most of the players, but this guy has his ears to the rail. Zach offers his vote to Jessica however she decides he should vote.

Jump over to America’s Player Eric. We learn that America has voted for Dustin to get evicted. No kidding. Eric embraces this command and heads right up to the HoH room. In case you missed it there is a quick, steamy moment between them as they discuss “boobs”, hers in specific. Basically Eric stumbles around the idea of getting her behind evicting Dustin. The next step falls easily into place as Dick pursues Eric’s vote. This works out very well for Eric as it’ll appear that Dick will owe him rather than just giving away this vote for free. We’re watching a new emerging alliance between Eric, Jessica, Dick, and Daniele. This could be very strong and ride that group all the way to the final four.

In case you were missing Joe, and I’m sure none of us were, we get a revisit from him in an interview as a player, turned viewer. Sure enough Joe still acts like a bitter brat and complains about how terrible of a person Dustin is. Considering this was his last chance to have the camera on him I would have thought he’d want to leave on a high note. Guess not. No big surprise though. I’m still glad we got rid of him quickly.

Let’s get right to voting as I can’t wait to see what happens! This is our second nail biter of an eviction vote.

Live Voting Results:
Amber - Evict Dick
Eric - Evict Dustin
Jameka - Evict Dick
Daniele - Evict Dustin
Zach - Evict Dustin
Jen - Evict Dustin

By a vote of 4 to 2 Dustin has been evicted from the Big Brother house!!! Oh you should have seen the look on Dustin’s face! That was priceless indeed! Hilarious. Haha, once again this week it went exactly how I predicted the votes would fall down to the person!! I was hoping for a little more of an explosion out of Dustin or Amber there at the end, but everyone stayed pretty calm. Out on the BB8 couch with Chenbot Dustin nails the votes as well knowing that Eric was the rogue vote again, but he won’t know until after the game is over that it was out of Eric’s control.

HOH Competition:

Tonight’s competition is called “Strange Visitors” and will only have six people competing. The questions will all revolve around the bizarre visitors they had during the day which included the Mad Hatter, a pirate, a quartet. Jen was out first, but swore that wasn’t the answer she selected. Dick and Zach are out next. Eric follows them, leaving only Daniele and Amber. This is very big right here as I believe Amber will be walking out the door if she doesn’t win. The final question is about the number of cards on the Mad Hatter’s hat and the girls split their answers. Daniele wins and is the new Hoh! Oh Amber you are screwed.

America’s Player Assignment:
Who should Eric try to get nominated? Considering Daniele is now in power this should be an easy one with the new alliance between Jessica, Eric, Dick, and Daniele. My guess? We’ll see Amber and Jameka on the block with Amber hitting the road as Jameka is a lame duck with 3 more weeks to go before she’s a threat again.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, August 16, 2007

2 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Week 6 Eviction Recap - August 16, 2007”

  1. Sarah

    No explosion of course from Dustin or Amber because it was all way too much of a SHOCK! It looked like Jameka wanted to say something but in an instant realized that she shouldn’t since God only knows who is playing who. (no pun intended) Can you imagine what it’s going to be like with Amber and Dustin in sequester together?? I cringe at the thought.

  2. Matt

    I saw that from Jameka. I really thought she was starting to run across the room and strangle someone. Alas, she didn’t. Ugh, Amber and Dustin in sequester would be a miserable place for the 3rd person to join them.

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