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On Sunday we saw Daniele put Amber and Jameka up for eviction, so tonight we’ll see what happens with the Power of Veto and if either of them can be saved. As the numbers are getting lower here everyone is starting to get a little nervous about every move made in the house. Jen and Jessica jump right into the hammock and start to ponder the dangers of leaving Dick and Daniele together in the house. I guess Jen isn’t aware of this secret grouping, so that’s good for them. On a lighter note Eric and Jessica start to get a little of their flirt on with some wrestling moves, only to be interrupted by Zach. Zach explains in a Diary Room sidebar that he loves blocking Eric as he doesn’t think he has any game. While I’d agree he’s a little awkward with the ladies I’d also say he’s doing a lot better than Zach is in there!

Amber and Jameka also have their own discussion out in the hammock. Amber explains what was mentioned on Sunday, she believes she had a vision from God that she wins the Power of Veto. She feels this was his way of preparing her for her pending victory. Amber declares that she’s done hurting, it’s her time to win. You almost want to believe her until she pushes a little too far and says there won’t be anymore crying either. She finishes this all up with some demands for God, “come on God, you’ve gotta pull through for us this week.” Personally, I would recommend she pray for strength and wisdom to win the PoV rather than telling God he needs to hand it over. Just a thought.

America’s Player:
Eric assignment was to give one house guest his “Woobie”, a childhood toy, as an alleged sign of emotional trust. Despite my hopes for it being Dick it looks like America has selected Jessica as the recipient. Probably a very safe choice as it will help solidify his position with her. Eric climbs into bed with Jessica and completes his objective flawlessly. She seems really touched that Eric would give this to her and they snuggle right up together to go to sleep. Awww…

Veto Competition:
The veto competition gets started with the usual player selections. The base three are of course Daniele as HoH then Amber and Jameka as the nominees. Let’s not forget that Amber had a vision that she’ll be winning the PoV so we’ll soon see if she’s right or just plain delusional. There’s more than usual this week as well. The winner of the PoV and the runner-up will get a “top secret trip out of this house”. Daniele pulls “house guest choice” so she selects Dick. Amber pulls Jessica while Jameka draws Zach. Eric is selected as the Host. So now everyone is involved except for Jen, which seems fitting.

Amber and Jameka prep themselves for the competition talking about how they “just know” they’re going to get through this week. In a Diary Room sidebar Jameka explains her concern about the prize involved as “greed is an underlying issue” in the house. Hmm, that’s funny because in Jameka’s intro video in the first episode she said she was here for the money. Now that she’s losing she’s saying that greed is an issue. Hmm. I’ve lost my patience for both of these ladies.

This week’s game is the “Big Brother Speedway” where audience answers are posed to the players and they have to guess the percentages correctly. Really? Doesn’t CBS already have that game show? I think it’s called The Power of Drew Carey’s Glasses, or something like that. The first round sees Dick getting bumped out as he was about 60% over the right answer. Second round sends Zach packing as he was over by nearly 50%. Third round ejected Jessica as she was over by about 20% (at least they’re getting better each round!). The fourth round eliminates Jameka as she was close to 20% over the target. That puts Amber and Daniele in the final two for the last round. Amber is sobbing as she sits there waiting for the last round. So much for the promise that she was going to stop crying and start playing. In the final round Daniele pulls out the win as Amber overshot her guess by about 30%. Well that’s weird, cause crazy girl, oh I mean Amber, didn’t win the PoV. That’s just plain Amber, I mean crazy.

Right after the competition Daniele tells Amber that “anything could happen”. Looks like Daniele may be going to pursue her plan of getting rid of Jen. Daniele discusses this plan with Dick and he agrees it could be a good idea. Simultaneously Amber is outside with Jameka thinking of offering Daniele safety should she become HoH. Considering Amber has come in second in the last two competitions I guess anything could happen. Jameka tells her to be careful to make many any outlandish promises. A quick run up to the HoH room sets up the discussion between Amber and Daniele. Daniele immediately offers to exchange Amber’s safety this week for her own safety next week. Well that sounds like a nice, simple agreement that Amber should definitely accept. Oh but that’s right, this is Amber, so let’s see how she can over-complicate this situation. Amber agrees to those initial terms and then adds on the following: she won’t nominate Daniele any week she becomes HoH, she won’t back door Daniele, she’ll vote however Daniele wants her to vote including voting out Jameka (what a good, loyal friend!), and she’ll donate two of her kidneys to Daniele (don’t stop her, she’s on a roll). Wow, it looks like Daniele will make out like a bandit. I was kinda hoping Amber would offer Skeletor a Cheezburger.

Power of Veto Ceremony:
Living up to her plan Daniele follows through and removes Amber from the block. She quickly replaces Amber with her true target, Jenuine Jen. Surprisingly Jen looks pretty content about this and sits there rolling and fluttering her eyes as Daniele explains that if she’s not there for the money then she can go home because they rest of them want the cash. As much as I wanted Amber out of the house so I could painlessly go back to enjoying the live feeds I think this was a smart move on Daniele’s part.

BB8 Jameka BB8 Jen

Before tonight’s episode is over we find out where Amber and Daniele will be heading on their trip. Getting ready… it’s a trip for two on a cross-marketing promotional effort by CBS to pimp their other game show: The Power of 10. Hah, I should have guessed that after recognizing the similarities with the PoV competition. The girls will fly to NY in a private jet where they’ll be contestants and have the chance to win up to $10 million. Not too shabby. Oh wait, this is precious as I just remembered Amber bashing New Yorkers as being mostly Jewish there greedy and selfish. I hope they’re planning on providing plenty of security. Actually I’m hoping they won’t, but for her safety they should!

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Posted on: Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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