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Last week on Pirate Master (Episode 12 Recap) we saw Laurel finally exit stage right following Captain Christa’s deciding vote. Honestly, I was very surprised to see Laurel make it this far, but good for her as she was a good sport about it all through to the end. This week we’re down to just four pirates left: Captain Christa, Jay, Ben, and Louie. I think all of these pirates deserve to be here and I’m quite satisfied with the bunch we have left at this point. Unless Louie has some great luck though I think he’ll be sent home this week as Christa has been very vocal about staying true to her wavering alliance with Jay and Ben. Let’s see what happens this week on Pirate Master!

These final four pirates are very proud of themselves as they celebrate their achievement. Looking around the room Ben reveals he’s still nervous for his safety (this view from Ben has been a staple of the past 3 episodes). Louie also details that he’s the odd man out here and doesn’t have much time to save his own butt. Once again this week the Triad (Christa, Ben, and Jay) can’t be on the same team and so someone will be teamed up with Louie. Jay recommends whoever is teamed up with Louie to avoid solving the puzzles and to leave that to Louie. It’d be even more interesting if Christa as Captain was teamed up with Louie as Ben and Jay could really turn on her.

Treasure Hunt:

As the reigning Captain Christa is the first onto the black team. The teams will be split evenly this week though with the even number of pirates, leading to teams of two on both sides. The black team consists of Christa and Jay. The red team will be and Louie and Ben. Will Ben hold up his part of the deal and weigh down Louie? Not if he’s smart, but I think that’s what’s going to happen anyway considering his loyalty.

Right off the bat Ben starts to throw off the red team by slowly rowing. Louie takes over though and beats the black team to the beach. The first clue sends the pirates to the “Dead Man’s pool” to recover tools used to build a raft for the next segment. Jay immediately finds the tool set as does Ben on the other team. But like the loyal guy that he is Ben buries the tools and then gives the diving mask to Louie for searching. Damn they are playing Louie hard, which sucks because I like Louie on a personal level, but I still wanna see one of the other three win (especially Jay!).

The next part sends the teams up the river to a lake where they’ll search for a tree filled with skulls (yikes!). Christa and Jay are having a lot of trouble rowing as the Captain isn’t such a strong rower, something that should help Ben and Louie catch up. The black team gets the next clue first and heads off to the final part where they need to search for the treasure chest amongst the gallows. Don’t slow down though Christa and Jay as Louie and Ben are pulling right up behind you! I’m very impressed by how hard the red team worked to catch up. In the end Jay finds the treasure chest and just barely, barely beats out the red team. In a sidebar Ben explains how hard this was because he knew they could have won if he hadn’t held Louie back.

Back on the boat the treasure is opened to reveal $40,000 in gold. I actually expected to see a little more treasure there this time considering we’re down to the end of the game, but $40K isn’t too shabby overall. Now Daddo, the host, reveals this is the biggest Captain decision yet of the season. Whoever Christa puts in power will be automatically set for the final three and will also select who will be the other two joining him. What I had forgotten about was this pirate, with all his power, could even play a Mutiny card and set the Captain adrift! Now that’s some heavy stuff right there and I’m glad I’m not Christa with that decision to make.

When it comes time to divide up the treasure the Triad decides to cut Louie in on the action and give him $5K of the winnings because everyone feels bad for deceiving the guy as he’s the nicest one of the bunch. Louie’s trust is going to be his downfall this week, I believe.


Christa now has to reveal her decisions and explains that she wouldn’t want to be at the end with anyone else. She goes around and says what she likes about each person remaining. Louie: “the kindest, most sincere person”; Jay: “the most crazy, most psychotic person I’ve ever met in my life and I love it”; Ben: “I feel in love with him ever since I first heard him sing”. The letters are handed out and as I suspected, Louie and Ben have the black spots. Ben declares, “I should have been more psychotic.” Louie states he’s going to fight to win this stay on the ship.

Pirate court has arrived. There is only one pirate voting this week, Jay, so the nominees try and influence that sole voter. Louie is up first and says that he has worked harder than anyone else and advises Jay that he wouldn’t want to be the “dog that crushed the dog’s dreams.” Um, okay there Louie. Ben counters saying that while Louie may be a better sailor, fisherman, and probably a better man, but not a better pirate. Exemplifying everything that Ben has done to help his Triad move ahead he explains that the nice guy finishes last on a pirate ship and what he says next really, really surprised me…

Ben says that he needs to set the record straight. He goes on to explain to Louie that he sabotaged this week’s treasure hunt. Ben apologizes to Louie for what he did, but says he had no choice and it had to be done as the “name of the game is self-preservation”. Wow. I’m impressed by Ben’s willingness to disclose this as it must be difficult. Louie responds by saying he feels played and is visually upset as you can see his face has reddened and there are nearly tears in his eyes. The pleading isn’t over yet though as now Christa must plead her case to Jay as well since he could place the one and only vote as a mutiny against the captain. Christa tells Jay that she felt never questioned his trust and always believed they had an unspoken bond. She hopes he holds her family as important as she holds his. Now it is time for the most important vote of the season so far to be cast. Jay walks forward to places his card upon the knife. Daddo reveals it to be… Louie.

Louie Pirate Master

There are now only three pirates left and one episode left to go. Next week all the other pirates will return for a “different kind of Pirates’ Court” and in the final treasure hunt it will be every pirate for themselves! Who will be the Pirate Master? Ben, Christa, or Jay? I’m still hoping for Jay to win! What about you? Keep checking back here at Wild Bluff Media to get all your Pirate Master coverage as we’ll go all the way to the end.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, August 21, 2007

3 Responses to “Pirate Master: Episode 13 Recap”

  1. Joanne

    Sorry to say, Jay is not my favorite. At this point I think Christa should win. She is a good player, used her head thoughout her reign as Captain making it never look like her decision mattered. She is smart and has the strength to beat the men. It took guts for Ben to be honest and I truly felt sorry for Louie. Louie was everyone’s friend and yes he played with his heart. A true Pirate has no heart. That would be the only reason why Jay should win. Ben has played the game but he gets outplayed on every angle. He is always second man. I have enjoyed your comments and wonder why CBS gave up on this show. It has been a favorite this summer, and I will be saddened to see it end next week.

  2. Matt

    Thanks Joanne, I’m glad to still get to discuss the show with other viewers. I still enjoy the show even watching it online and am really sorry that we won’t get it back next summer.

    I would be happy if Christa or Jay won, though I’ve enjoyed Jay’s constant cut throat approach. Good call on Christa not letting it (being Captain) get to her head like Joe Don did. Big difference between their captain behavior and I think it shows why people keep being willing to work with her. I totally agree on Louie, he was just too nice to cut it as a pirate. I’d be he’d win the “Rupert prize” (Survivor) though if they gave out money to America’s favorite. You’re right about Ben being second fiddle. I think he may lack a little bit of confidence as he seems almost too willing to accept that #2 spot each time.

    Just one more week until we find out who is our one and only Pirate Master!

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