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It’s Eviction Night again on Big Brother 8 so we’re going to find out if it will be Jameka or Jen going home. I’ve already made my eviction prediction on who I think we’ll see sitting on Chen’s couch and I think it has everything to do with her hissy fit earlier in the week, which they’re sure to cover tonight.

Sure enough, following a few angry words from Dick towards Jen we see the heated events take place. However, please note that Big Brother has selected only a portion of the events to show on the broadcast, leaving out several elements of the story. You should check back on my previous discussion of Jen’s situation to learn all of what happened. Here’s what they show us though. Jen bags up most of her belongings in advance of her devious adventure as she knows she’ll definitely earn Dick’s wrath for this one. Next, Jen starts cooking up some turkey burgers despite being on a Slop-Only diet. Jameka pleads with her to not do this, but it does no good. She heads back in and grabs all of Dick’s cigarettes (4 cartons!) and heads to the Storage Room where she proceeds to stomp on them and crush them into pieces. They don’t really show it, but she also poured bleach all over the remains to ensure he can’t use any of them. What an absolutely immature and childish display of behavior. Jen’s parents must be so proud to see the 6 year old they’ve raised.

Immediately after Dick gets nervous and goes looking for his ciggies only to find them gone. He immediately goes after Jen and demands she tell them where they are. Jen quickly heads back outside to be around everyone else. Probably figures she’s safer around witnesses. I’d say she’s right. Dick heads in and Jen immediately goes back outside. Dick grabs her trash bags of clothes and heads up to the HoH room for safe keeping. Jen says, “that’s f’d up.” Ahh, so that’s wrong to take things, but destroying someone else’s belongings is okay. Sure Jen. After a few more harsh words from Dick Jen heads back out and starts eating in the backyard. Everyone else is clearly annoyed as she’s disregarding the rules and flaunting it. Big Brother calls her to the Diary Room. Here we get a cut scene from another time as she’s obviously wearing a different outfit.

Jen explains that she’s received a “Penalty Vote” which means a ghost vote will be placed against Jen tonight. Here again is a deviation from the actual events. Jen was first given a “Penalty Nomination” which meant she would be forced onto the block next week and would not be allowed to compete in the PoV to safe herself. The problem with this was it screwed Jameka as why would they try to evict Jen if Jen would be completely defenseless next week and they could get rid of Jameka now for free. As such, Big Brother back tracked and change Jen’s penalty to a “vote” instead of “nomination”. That seems a little more in line with the crime and fairer for Jameka.

The drama isn’t over just yet either. Jen has returned to the backyard and is continuing to eat. Dick comes out, still quite pissed, and blows his smoke in her face. Jen leaps up and goes after his cigarette. It’s pretty much a one on one game of keep away with a burning object as the target. Not smart. Jen keeps swatting at Dick as he first just tries to keep it out of her reach. When that doesn’t slow her down she starts to warn her she’ll get burnt by it. This warning isn’t heeded either as she presses on. So Dick starts jabbing it at her hands when she comes in to grab it. This is not a smart girl. Jen proclaims, “you just burned me,” and then goes right back in for another grab. Are you kidding? Jen is really getting upset and looks ready to cry After a few more swings Jameka pulls Jen away. Jen continues to protest, “I didn’t do anything.” What? Are you blacking out for minutes at a time here Jen? Dick was being his usual provocative self, but she was clearly making the situation worse by grabbing at it and getting him more worked up. Jameka drags Jen inside where they discover that Jen was not burned after all, she just had some ash on her hand. Sheesh.

Phew, okay, on a lighter note on Tuesday we saw Daniele and Amber place first and second in the PoV competition which earned them the right to head outside the BB8 house to participate in Power of 10. We see the girls jump in a limo and get whisked away on a private jet to New York for the taping of the show. The girls are excited as they wait in the green room and hear the details on the show. What they don’t know is that they each have a special guest waiting to support them should they move on to the second round. If you’re not familiar with the show this person acts sort of as a “life line” when it comes to making the guesses. Amber’s support person is her cousin and Daniele’s supporter is the pink love letter writer, Nick, whose onscreen title is “Daniele’s BB8 Boyfriend”. I’d have to guess that means Daniele’s boyfriend might not be waiting around for her after this is all over. We don’t get to see how the girls perform though. If you want to see you’ll have to tune in next Tuesday night to Power of 10. Dang!

It’s time for the voting as the house guests decide if Jameka or Jen will go to sequester.

Live Voting Results:
Penalty Vote - Evict Jen
Amber - Evict Jen
Dick - Evict Jen
Eric - Evict Jen
Zach - Evict Jen
Jessica - Evict Jen

By a vote of 6 to 0 Jen has been evicted from the Big Brother house. No big surprise here at all, especially for Jen. As the remaining house guests wait by the memory wall Daniele notes Jen’s picture looks better in gray. Out on the couch the Chenbot pisses me off as she gives Jen exactly what she wants. “You are definitely one of the most compelling house guests we have ever had,” said Julie. Jen just sits there taking it all in. What a load of crap. Jen was just as obnoxious and annoying as Joe was, yet I don’t think anyone would have complimented him with the term “compelling.” Jen says she’d describe herself as “random” and her strategy didn’t exist as she just wanted to “teach others good things.” Are you kidding?? Bleh.

HOH Competition:

Tonight’s competition is called “Tanks for the Memories” and will only have five people competing. The questions will all revolve around past house guests and comments they made while in the house. If they get the answer wrong they’ll be dropped into a dunk tank. Oddly Jen will be the one pushing the “dunk” button on those who answer wrong. The final round comes down to Jessica and Dick with the winner being… Jessica! Wow, the ladies are ruling the house this season! This is Jessica’s second win in the HoH competitions. I think this will be great for their little 4 person team (Jessica, Eric, Dick, and Daniele) and will help propel them to the winner’s circle. Had Dick won I’d be a little nervous that he’d decide to back track on his agreement. This should keep everything running smoothly.

America’s Player Assignment:
Who should Eric try to get nominated? I think we’re going to see Zach and Amber up on the block this week with Amber likely being the one out, so that’s how I’ll be voting tonight for AP. What about you? Check back tomorrow for my discussion on where Jen went wrong in her game play (lots to cover there!).

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