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Even though Amber and Zach were nominated by Jessica on Sunday night, it really isn’t a competition. You see Amber knows that she will be back next week because she has had a vision from God. So really what chance does Zach have? In the diary room Amber just cried and prayed to God. Apparently it helps to add “God Bless you God” at the end of your prayers. Jameka was surprised and not very happy that Amber had been put up (although she was thrilled that it wasn’t her). Jameka wanted to believe that Amber was not the target this week and the actual plan was to back door Daniele instead. Amber also believes she is just being used as a pawn. Yeh, well, good luck with that. Let me know how that works out for you.

Zach went to see Jessica about back dooring one of the other house guests. Jessica would like to get rid of either Dick or Daniele and I think she definitely would if it wasn’t for their deal. Zach also went to talk over with Eric the idea of back dooring Dick or Daniele. He promised Eric that his vote was solid to get rid of one of them. Eric also seemed open to the idea, but you don’t know if Eric really meant it or that was just how it was edited.

America’s Player:
Jessica and Eric were joking around about getting married. Jessica actual said she saw wedding bells in their future. I thought she was joking until later in the show when Eric went into the HoH room, turned out the lights and started kissing her. Jessica’s response, “It’s about time.” Good on ya, Eric. It wasn’t until after this that Eric found out that Jessica was who America wanted him to kiss. He said he already had completed this task on his own terms but he was happy to do it again. After this I rewound the Tivo and watched Jessica say the wedding bells bit again, you know what? I don’t think she was joking at all. Based on what Eric said to Jessica after kissing her, I think he really likes her too. So much for the girlfriend back in NYC. His assignment for Thursday is, no surprise who should he try to get evicted this week. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict, I don’t know, maybe… Amber.

When Jameka was crying and praying this week, BB changed from the pipe organ music to the monks chanting which I found incredibly amusing. Jessica walked in on her while Jameka praying and thought she had fallen down and hurt herself because she was crying so hard. Jessica admitted to Jameka that praying was “…totally cool with me,” and “I am totally into church,” she just doesn’t talk about it in the house. Which is obviously why she is considering marrying a Jewish guy from New York.

The Power of 10:
Before BB tonight Amber and Daniele appeared on the new game show hosted by Drew Carey, The Power of 10. Amber actually managed to knock Daniele out in the initial round allowing her to play for the big money. She cried twice and continually played with her necklace. The first time she cried Drew asked her if the pressure in the house has gotten to her. Obviously Drew doesn’t watch Big Brother because if he did he would know thats all she ever does. Drew Carey asked her how it felt to be scrutinized so closely in the house. Amber’s reply, “I don’t know what scrutinize means.” In the end Amber blew it and walked away with a whopping $1,000.

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When they saw the show in the house, Daniele was crying to when she found out that by blowing those questions she missed her chance to see Nick again. Power of 10 brings in a freidn or family member to help you answer the questions, Nick was hers but because she didn’t make it to the money round he never got to come out. Hmmm, wonder why her boyfriend wasn’t the one be on the show?

Veto Competition:
Dick was the host, and all the other house guests were played for the Veto. Whole yard was transformed into a swamp. The house guests had to stand on tree stump, while a giant cat utters a word or phrase which is the answer to a riddle. The house guests must then run through the yard and search for the rubber rat with the riddle. Last person back to their stump is eliminated. Last player standing wins the PoV.

Daniele felt she needed to win PoV because she was convinced that Eric and Jessica were going to flip on her and her Dad. Obviously Zach and Amber wanted to win to protect themselves. It didn’t really matter though because, Eric won the power of veto. He and Jessica should have figured out what they wanted to do first. If they were going to back door someone they should have let someone else win. Only if they wanted to keep the nominations the same should they actually have competed to win. Eric tried to win just to keep the power in Jessica’s hand.

Daniele was concerned that Eric and Zach were hugging after Eric won the PoV competition. Daniele talked to Dick but he didn’t think Eric would do that because he wouldn’t put Jessica in that position. Dick and Daniele decided they had to get Jessica out. Jessica talked to Eric about back dooring Daniele. She really thought that they couldn’t trust Dick and Daniele. Jessica is smarter that she sounds. Eric didn’t want to go back on his word but he could see where she was coing from. That still left it up in the air though. I was sitting her watching this part of the show praying for Eric to give in. They need to get rid of Daniele. Yeh, I’m a little biased. I’m rooting for Eric and Jessica.

Power of Veto Ceremony:
Eric decided not to use the PoV. That was a huge mistake. Amber called him power hungry, evil, and soulless in the diary room. (Bitter much?) Zach could not understand why he wouldn’t do this. Eric claimed he did it because he knew America wanted Amber out. Dummy. That was a bad move. So its Zach and Amber Thursday night.

BB8 Amber BB8 Zach

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