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Today on Pirate Master we’ll finally discover who will be the one and only Pirate Master as this 2 hour episode is the series finale! That’s right, a two hour finale and I’m gonna watch it all and then recap it for you cause I’m just that nice. Only Jay, Ben, and Christa are left in the race to find the final treasure chest from Captain Henry Steel and they’ll be competing against one another in what’s likely to be the most cut throat episode yet. I’m hoping for Jay to get the win, but I’m also willing to admit that any of these three are deserving of that prizes as they’ve all worked hard to be where they are right now. Let’s settle in for the last Pirate Master treasure hunt you’ll ever get. Let me wipe the tear from my eye.

Another rainbow has welcomed the pirates as they wake on the morning of their last race. Host Cameron greets them and informs them there will be $500,000 in the final chest. Now our first surprise comes as Cameron reads the letter from the final compartment which details that in fact these pirates will not be searching for his ultimate prize today. Instead they’ll search for Steele’s first mate’s treasure which will provide them with all the details they need to make it to the final treasure next. The two losing pirates will be at risk of being cut adrift tonight. Hmm, maybe the winning pirate tonight makes the one choice on who to keep, though the way Cameron said it sounded like maybe neither would have to be sent out to sea.

The first clue is given to the pirates and they’re off on their own to find the first mate’s treasure. Ben is the first to shore with Christa in last place. Ben and Jay arrive at the rope bridge where they’ll search for a sword with a clue. Jay finds the clue and works with Ben to gather it first. Ben actually steals the clue and runs off with it, leaving the other two with their own copy of the clue. From here the pirates race to an encrypted clue sketched on a boulder. Ben keeps his lead here as he arrives at the boulder first while Christa remains in last place.

Ben keeps in first place as the takes off from the boulder just as Christa is arriving. Jay takes off after Ben and Christa decides to follow along in hopes of tracing their steps as she doesn’t want to lose too much ground. The next clue takes the pirates across the rope bridge again, but this time it’s the best sabotage point yet. Jay and Ben reach the other side together and Ben cuts the bridge down, leaving Christa behind. Jay is hesitant to do this, but ultimately decides he is relieved Ben did this to increase their lead. Christa is now forced to follow a different path and is clearly having a rough time.

Ben is first to the next clue which tells him the gold is behind the waterfall. Jay remains tricky and sneaky as he just follows Ben instead of reading the clue himself. Too late though, Ben reaches the treasure first beating out Jay and Christa. Everyone is clearly broken and beaten as their exhausted. Jay is the most pissed off as he realizes if he had cut Ben loose instead of Louie he would have won this race. “Coulda, shoulda, woulda,” says Jay. Let’s see just how badly that decision will come back to haunt him later on.

Back on the boat they crack open the treasure chest and find two clues. One clue goes to Ben by default and Host Daddo takes the other. The gold also goes entirely to Ben, which turns out to be $50,000, and Ben explains he has no intention of sharing it. Benpeeples noted that Ben actually decided to share the money afterall. Not sure why he’d decide to do that, but okay. More details are revealed and we learn the Pirate Master ghosts will return to Pirates Court to make the decision on whether Jay or Christa will be set adrift. Uh oh. That doesn’t sound good for Jay though Christa explains they’ll either be pissed at Jay or admire how hard he played the game. Jay says he’s expecting “a lot of sour grapes,” but he plans to talk to the jury straight and negotiate his continuation in the game.

The “ghosts” arrive and Daddo explains they’ll be making the choice on whether Jay or Christa will be moving on. Christa is up first and says her game play involved laying low at first and then she pulls the kid card. She asks the pirates to please think of her daughter as they make her decision. Jay doesn’t play that card at all, which I think it was a mistake. He instead says he was probably responsible for everyone getting voted off. I think that was a real mistake as he’s likely to just piss off these ghosts.

The jury member voice their opinions and they really aren’t nice at all. Nessa is pissed at Jay and Ben for their betrayal. Cheryl says she has no respect for either of them. She thinks she deserves to be there instead of them. Kendra tells Christa to stop playing the kid card and to get a job to set an example for her instead. Joe Don explains that he doesn’t think all of those nasty things Jay did were really necessary to play the game. I don’t know Az, they did get him a lot further in the game than you made it. John, the first pirate cut loose seems to be the only one stepping up for Jay as he says he thinks its commendable how well Jay manipulated everyone. John does close with saying how much he likes Christa’s game play though and doesn’t think she’s as soft as she’s being accused of tonight. Azmyth has a few words, mostly repeating what’s already been said. I expected more from him, maybe even something with a little British accent tacked on for good measure. Ah well. That’s about it from our ghost jury. What? Nothing from the Lou Dog? I guess not tonight.

The votes are cast and revealed by Host Cameron. Christa has earned 1 vote against her while Jay has earned 12 votes against him. Jay has lost his chance at becoming the Pirate Master. Damn. I think that’s a load of crap. Here’s another twist for us though. Jay won’t be cut adrift tonight, instead he’ll join the ranks of the pirate ghosts where they’ll all play a role in the final competition. Daddo presents Christa with her own captain outfit and tells her and Ben that they’ll be competing for Captain Henry Steel’s half million dollar treasure.

This is an extra long show so I’m splitting this recap coverage into two separate posts. I’ll update this to have a link to second part just as soon as its ready. Check back soon to see who will become the Pirate Master.

Update: Okay, I’m back with the conclusion to Pirate Master. You can find part 2 of the finale right here.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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  1. Judy

    Thank you! This is a great website and I really enjoy it.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Matt

    Thanks Judy! I certainly appreciate the encouragement.

    The conclusion to Pirate Master is now up and ready for you to read: http://www.wildbluffmedia.com/2007/08/28/pirate-master-episode-14-series-finale-recap-part-2-of-2/

  3. benpeeples

    Thanks for the recap.I have 2 comments:
    1. Ben actually DID share the $50,000 treasure - that he earned all by himself - equally with Jay and Christa. That piece of information is HUGE and it is omitted from your recap.

    2. In the paragraph about the Ghost Pirates, you say “Christa” told them she had no respect for them. It was “Cheryl” who said she had no respect for any of them.

  4. Matt

    Good catch on both counts. After Ben won the money he expressed his feelings that there was no reason to share it as he won it on his own. I didn’t remember him actually sharing it, but I’ll take your word on it.

    Yes, Cheryl rather than Christa. Too many names floating around on the Picton Castle.

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