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This week, just like every week, reporters will have access to the Big Brother 8 contestant voted off the show. As I discussed yesterday I’m fully expecting it to be Amber instead of Zach and when that happens the usual freedom of reporters will be restricted by CBS. A spokeswoman for Big Brother 8 has stated that reporters will be prohibited from asking questions to either Amber or Jameka about racist commentary made by Amber a little over three weeks ago. While these comments weren’t broadcast by CBS they were captured here on our site as well as on video (you can watch it all here). Considering my extreme dislike for this particular player I think an inquiry to the racist views of her and her family would certainly be near the top of my list.

So what’s the motivation behind Big Brother’s, well, big brotherish tactics? The Associated Press reports that Big Brother 8’s executive producer, Allison Grodner, declined to be interviewed, but the show did release an explanation of their reasons:

A CBS spokeswoman said asking [Amber] Siyavus or [Jameka] Cameron about the comments could influence the jury voters and affect the integrity of the game.

I don’t really see how much of a big deal it’d make at this point. Most viewers already know Amber is a low-grade individual despite her belief of being a “good person.” That means this is likely only intended to hide it from the rest of the viewers. But let’s say it’s because they’re really worried about “the integrity of the game.” What then? Maybe they’re thinking if it came down to Eric and another house guest Amber would change her vote to be in favor of Eric so she didn’t look anti-semitic after all. Other than that I’m not sure what they’re presenting as a possibility. Add your thoughts below if you have any ideas.

It’s worth noting the Associated Press has declined the opportunity to interview both Amber and Jameka. I think this was the right thing for them to do as it would just extend the producer’s control behind the walls of the Big Brother house. Shame on you CBS and Allison Grodner.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, August 30, 2007

5 Responses to “Big Brother 8: CBS To Prohibit Reporters On Amber’s Racism”

  1. Peter Young

    The eviction of a contestant from the Big Brother House is news only in the most strained sense of the word. Questioning the evicted contestants usually only produces hype for the Big Brother program. But CBS’s airing over the feeds (and possibly on Showtime’s Big Brother After Dark program) the racist views of a contestant, and CBS’s failure to take any action in response, is solid news. So CBS has blocked the media from asking Amber and Zameka about the only matter that is newsworthy. The proper response is to boycott the questioning.

  2. Matt

    I completely agree. Without the chance to ask her about it, what’s the point? I’m glad AP is standing up to it.

  3. Roland

    Allison Grodner’s production of Big Brother this year has had all the subtlety of 100-megaton nuclear explosion. From the banner flying over the house getting substantial airtime this season (this was never even mentioned in other seasons, let alone shown!) to reports stating the houseguests were pressured not to evict ratings darlings Dick or Danielle, BB8 smacks of heavy-handed producer influence. I have given up on the show and now only read online reports such as Wild Bluff Media - not only are they subjective (are you reading, Ms. Grodner?) they’re a lot more entertaining!

  4. Carole

    Not only has Big Brother censored what the houseguests can say to the press, but now we get to watch how they have decided Daniele show stay, so obvious Janelle threw it to her, why even having POV just give it to the abusive D&D, or better yet why not sell them to “vick” after all they are like pit bull dogs, maybe one of then would die. Danielle is the most disgusting person even more then her father. after today count my work group out of your ratings, we already know D&D will win, while Jessica was absolutely what this show should have been about. Shame on you CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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