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Bill Murray

Bill Murray finally decided to explain that crazy golf cart situation from last month in Stockholm. Police pulled him over as he rode a golf cart through the city and had him tested for drunken driving. The results of those tests haven’t been announced, but AP noted that it’s not actually illegal to drive golf carts through the city there.

The Associated Press reported:

The police “asked me to come over and they assumed that I was drunk and I explained to them that I was a golfer,” Murray told reporters Monday at the Venice Film Festival.

He was in Stockholm last month to play in a pro-am golf tournament, and hitched a ride to a post-event party in a golf cart. When no one wanted to drive home, he volunteered.

“I ended up stopping and dropping people off on the way like a bus. I had about six people in the thing and I dropped them off one at a time,” said Murray

Ahh, so you’re a golfer which explains driving a golf cart around. I can’t believe that worked. The police never believe me when I explain I’m a Victoria’s Secret quality control inspector sent to do in-store work. Actors get away with everything.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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