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Tonight was the big double eviction night. An entire week of Big Brother in one night. We are now down to the final four house guests! With Jameka and Jessica still on the block after Tuesday’s night’s PoV Ceremony, Dick and Daniele agreed that it was time for Jessica to go home. Dick told Jameka that they would be voting her out this week. Then they let her sweat. His plan was to wait until 10 minutes before the live show, Dick would force her to make a deal with them. Eric went to talk to Daniele without Jessica’s knowledge to find out if Jessica was going home this week. Daniele assured Eric that Jessica was safe this week.

BB8 Jameka BB8 Jessica

America’s Player
America asked Eric to get Jameka voted out. I’m pretty sure Eric was sweating this one. He was very relieved to see Jameka’s name instead of Jessica’s since he is so close to Jessica. After the HoH competition, whoever Julie asked to lead the house guests back in to the house, will be Eric’s next target to get nominated.

Eviction Vote

Eric - Jameka
Daniele - Jessica
Dick - Jessica

Jessica has been evicted from the Big Brother 8 house. As soon as Julie said Jessica’s name Eric looked devastated and totally pissed. Jessica actually didn’t look that surprised. She was in tears as she walked out the door. Eric claimed to be not surprised afterwards but, I don’t believe him. He was ticked with Daniele because she lied to him about it. Jessica claimed that her feelings for Eric in the house were real and she thought their might be something outside the house as well. I was really hoping that they would tell her about Eric being America’s Player tonight. Eric was in tears in his goodbye message and she was so touched she almost cried as well.

BB8 Jessica

HoH Competition
Only Dick, Daniele, and Eric played for HoH. The three of them had to answer eight questions about whether and event in the big brother house occurred before or after another event. Whoever got the most questions correct wins HoH. By one question, Dick won the HoH competition. Then America wanted Eric to get Daniele nominated. Good luck on that one with her Dad as HoH. As it is Eric will be lucky to not be joining Jessica in the jury house tonight.

BB8 Dick

Now Dick has to nominate two house guests for eviction tonight. Eric gave it a weak half-hearted, joking effort to get Daniele nominated. As expected Eric did not succeed. After backstabbing Eric and Jessica, Dick did honor his deal with Zach (Wow what an honorable guy). So if he didn’t nominate Daniele or Zach that on leaves two other house guests. Eric and Jameka were placed on the block. If one of them wins PoV though, then Dick will have to put up Zach instead.

BB8 Jameka BB8 Eric

PoV Competition
All five remaining house guests were able to compete for PoV. Obviously if Dick or Daniele won there would be no changes in the nominations. In the competition, a bajillion rubber balls of different colors were released down a chute. The first house guest to get 8 green balls wins. Even though Eric and Jameka both had an early lead, Zach was the first to come up with 8 balls.

BB8 Zach

PoV Ceremony
If Zach was smart he would have used it to take Jameka off. Dick would then be forced to put up Daniele. Then Zach and Jameka could vote her out breaking the Donato’s grip on the house. If Zach is stuck at the end with those two he doesn’t stand a chance. He decided not to use because he wanted to remaining loyal to his alliance. FOOL! I know to be fair he didn’t have alot of time to think it through but, he just lost the game for himself. With two Donato’s and two non-Donato’s in the house Zach will probably make the final three, but he doesn’t stand a chance after that.

Eviction Vote

Zach - Eric
Daniele - Eric

By a vote of two to nothing Eric gets to join his girlfriend in the jury house. At least the only had to be separated for 45 minutes or so. Now the two of them can enjoy each other’s company in the stress free, CBS sponsored vacation. Let’s not forget Eric won himself $40,000 for being America’s Player. That’s almost as much as the $50,000 second place player gets. So he should be happy about how he did.

BB8 Eric

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Posted on: Thursday, September 6, 2007

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