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Tonight’s episode started with showing the results of the first two rounds of the HoH competition. Wild Bluff Media provided a blow by blow account of both round one and round two earlier this week from the live online feed. In case you don’t want to read the blow by blow accounts, Daniele got knocked off of her stump by the rabbit after only about two and a half hours. Dick and Zach stayed on their stumps for almost eight hours enduring the freezing water, sore legs, and each other’s company for almost eight hours before Dick finally had to throw in the towel. So Zach was the big winner of round one ensuring himself a spot in the final two.

Round two would now be a competition between Dick and Daniele to see who would compete against Zach for the half million dollar prize. Dick and Daniele each gave it a shot. They had to complete an underwater puzzle which connected the house guests in the order in which they won HoH. The contestant who completed the puzzle the quickest won round two. It took Daniele over 24 minutes while Dick took in than half that. Dick won round two. So tonight’s live round three would be between Zach and Dick.

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BB8 Zach

The final competition was a quiz. Julie would read the first part of a statement made by one of the jurors in the jury house. She would then give the competitors two possible endings to the statement. Whoever completed the most statements correctly wins HoH. Zach blew this competition on the first question. After that question he and Dick answered all of the questions identically. I can’t believe that Zach couldn’t figure out that Amber thought Jen crying over her picture in week one was the most annoying moment all season. So Dick won HoH! As soon as he did he started screaming, “We did it! We won it all!”

Hmmm, I wonder who Dick will send home, Zach or Daniele. No surprise, Zach joined the rest of the house guests in the jury house. Dick was literally dancing after Zach left. Zach was a class act all the way though. He told Dick what a good job he did after round one, he congratulated Dick after round three, and he even said what good competitors Dick and Daniele were when he was on the couch with Julie, Good for you Zach.

America’s Player
The final task for America’s Player is who do you want Eric to vote for on the jury and campaign for in the jury house.

Tuesday night is the Big Brother Finale! The jury will decides which of the Donatos gets the half million dollars! Even better, you’ll get to see Eric revealed as America’s Player to the other house guests.

BB8 Dick BB8 Daniele

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Don’t forget that you can now watch the online, uncensored Big Brother 8 live feeds for the rest of the season completely free (14 day free trial). Considering how busy and potentially nasty it could get in the BB8 house there’s no reason to miss it now.

Get ready for Big Brother 10 with BB10 application and casting call details.

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Thursday, September 13, 2007

3 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Week 10 Final HoH Round Recap - Sept 13, 2007”

  1. Linda

    I thought the finale was on Tuesday night

  2. Judy

    I think that Daniele has a lot of nerve talking about Zach hurting her feelings, when she egged her Dad on to verbally abuse him for hours! Dick put everyone down for one reason or another, and all this coming from a guy who wears nail polish and eye shadow. I really think that Dick is just really good friends with CBS executives and therefore was allowed to break numerous rules such as assault (tea on Jen) and verbal abuse. Also, his daughter was underage and was drinking. Where is a cop when you need one?!

  3. Matt

    Yep, it’s on Tuesday.

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