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Okay, okay, settle down. I’ll put it right up front, I’m teasing when I question whether this was the “greatest season” of Big Brother. As every season draws to a close a chorus of voices raise up protesting the current season to be “the worst season of Big Brother ever,” and this season has been no different. I would instead challenge that this has in fact actually been a pretty entertaining season filled with all the staples of BB entertainment. We’ve had the romances and showmances, lies and betrayal, and most importantly we’ve had lots and lots of neurotic (and possibly psychotic) house guest moments. So while I won’t claim this to be the greatest season in Big Brother history, I’ll stand behind putting season 8 in the great category.

What makes for a great Big Brother season doesn’t involve the wacky house design or the non-factor “big twists” (more on that later), but rather it all comes down to the quality of the cast. Season 8 had no shortage of dramatic, annoying, and entertaining house guests to keep us tuning in and logging on all season. Like him or not Evel Dick has made for the biggest moments of the season. Whether he was dumping tea on Jen’s head, fighting to draw the fire away from Daniele, or even instigating the biggest blow-up with Amber and Eric, Dick has been the most controversial player of the season. While we had the trouble maker all covered I couldn’t help by feel a hole in my BB heart as this was our first season in two years without Janelle. I’ll just have to learn that you can’t replace Jedi Janie. Daniele really worked to take that role with her incredible success rate with competitions, but her whiny attitude and constant claims of “no one understands” and “no one has it as hard as me” left me wanting more. Thankfully we had more than just those two on the cast roster and Walt covered them all in his post on Craziest House Guests.

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The weekly competitions were pretty cool this time around, but aren’t they usually? What I was seeking was some more endurance competitions. Those are some of my favorite as it really draws out the players that are desperate and determined in some exciting overnight fights for power. Next year I could really be satisfied with seeing fewer of those quiz show style HoH games where everyone is lined up and answers one by one until it is done. We’ve seen those for years so give us something new! The PoV contests shouldn’t be more exciting and intricate than what’s supposed to be the rumble of the week. I’m also surprised we had such a low number of luxury competitions. And what? No car this year? Dick was convinced there’d be a car up for grabs in the second round of the final HoH competition, but that never showed up. No worries, Dick can go buy whatever he wants later this week with all his prize money.

What about the big shockers with alliance crushers and betrayals? Interestingly there weren’t any long lasting, large scale alliances that were strategically aligned and stuck together. We saw Mrs. Robinson and her crew, but that fell apart in the second week. Then there was the LNC-7 but that never seemed to be more than seven people staying up late and talking about the game in general. In the past we’ve seen Chill Town, the Nerd Herd, and even Janelle and her boys, but this year the closest we got to that was the JEDD alliance (Jessica, Eric, Dick, and Daniele). JEDD didn’t really come close to the “I’ve got your back all the way” alliance that the others had in previous seasons. I guess I was as foolish as Eric to have believed D&D would stick it out with J&E until the final four when it’d be every couple for themselves. Now that would have been exciting to watch. Ah well.

So there have been lots of great moments in the eighth season, but as I hinted this time around hasn’t been all roses and sunshine. Some of the downfalls this season have included the fizzled main twist of the season, “Worst Enemies“. The most obvious indicator here is that one of the troubled couples is now sitting in the final two seats! How’s that for worst enemies? As our reader Claude wisely pointed out the rest of the “enemies” should have taken advantage of their situation as Dick and Daniele were able to do.

The America’s Player twist has been sort of a toss up for me. I’ve enjoyed the chance to voice our opinions and influence the situation, but come on, we had that chance in season one and I think that was ditched seven years ago for a reason. It was also tough watching us put Eric in difficult situations that challenged his potential success just on the basis of our whimsical decisions. Considering I’m not sure he could have won it all in the end this turned out to be an ideal way for him to earn nearly as much as 2nd place (click here to read my discussion on that).

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Season 8 has had its ups and its downs, but either way I’ve had a great time watching it and discussing it right here with all of you. It’s a long year until the next season of BB gets started, so stay busy by see what else we’re talking about here on where you’ll find all your Entertainment Examined.

Get ready for Big Brother 10 with BB10 application and casting call details.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, September 18, 2007

6 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Great Season or Greatest Season?”

  1. Janis

    worst season ever

  2. Joley

    The BEST (and I started season 1)! I loved the drama and all the crazy characters! AND most of all I loved ED!

  3. BB8Fan

    I enjoyed this season the most so, obviously, I think it was the best season ever. When has there ever been an eviction as shocking as Dustin’s? The producers usually have to craft stories to make us think there’s going to be a shock. But not this season.

    I think the key was the lack of large, long-term, stable alliances. Those alliances solidy power which is boring. Betraying your alliance - now that’s good TV!

  4. Suzy

    This was the worst season with some very scary people. I was disgusted to see middle-aged Dick verbally and mentally abuse young people just starting out. He trafficked in the intentional infliction of emotional distress, mysogyny, racism, and created a cruel and ugly environment. In the workplace, he would have been fired and sued for the same behavior. He should have been kicked out along with his nasty daughter, who should have been disqualified on day one for being under age 21. I hated this season and no longer watch it. The producers, Julie Chen and CBS are the ultimate “hos” who will do anything for a buck, including foisting these despicable people on the public.

  5. Jan

    You must have watched the show or you wouldn’t be so negative about it. It was the best BB yet. Dick made it real for once. He spoke his mind and in everyone’s face. If it was so bad, then just turn it off next time. It just a show and nothing else.

  6. Stella

    The worst season ever!

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