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Law & Order

Get ready for another late night as the premieres continue to roll in. Tonight on NBC is the season premiere of Law & Order SVU at 10pm. If you’re looking for L&O Criminal Intent then don’t forget that show got bumped over to the USA Network. After the show you’ll get a cool opportunity similar to what NBC had going last night where you’ll be able to chat with SVU’s executive producer, Neal Baer, and cast member, Adam Beach.

You can catch all of that starting right after the show tonight here:

Also, don’t forget about the car giveaways with the trivia questions during the shows. I’ll give you a hint, tune in during The Biggest Loser to see the question you’ll need to enter to win. You can find all the details on the contest here.

To get you ready for tonight’s premiere here’s a preview clip of the show:

Feed Readers: click here to view the video

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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