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Coastal Dreams

Earlier this summer I had to watch as CBS dumped Pirate Master from the airwaves to finish its life online. While most shows would consider being trapped online a bad sign NBC has decided to launch a new series completely online. Starting today on NBC.com Coastal Dreams is launching, and while I’m no usual fan of soap operas you may be interested:

Debuting this October on NBC.com - an online exclusive that will tempt, tantalize and thrill you! Coastal Dreams is a new online-only drama featuring two young women living, working and playing in the scenic seaside town of Pacific Shores. Love and danger unfold as their friendship is put to the ultimate test over the course of 24 interactive episodes. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the action and access online exclusives by signing up for interactive events. Get text messages from the characters, read their personal blogs and check out their online profiles.

Zoe needs to escape her Texas hometown after her boyfriend goes more than a little psycho on her. She packs up her bathing suit, grabs her best friend and fellow college grad Stacey and heads to California to visit her wealthy cousin April. Staying in April’s seaside mansion seems like the dream vacation, especially after the girls meet April’s hot boyfriend Christian and the dreamy local deputy, Will. Things take a turn for the worse quickly though when Zoe starts receiving menacing text messages from her ex…and the locals reveal their ulterior motives.

Sounds like The OC to me but with a female lead, but you’ll have to decide. You can catch preview clips over at iVillage or just go straight for the series over at NBC.com. Okay, now I’m going to check out those Julianne Hough pics to balance this out.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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