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The Bachelor Season 11

Just like last week Brad will have to send three of the girls home tonight. He will have three dates to help hi make his decision, two group dates and one one-on-one date. in addition Brad’s twin brother Chad stops by to help his brother figure out which girls are really her for Brad.

Group Date 1: The Circus Stephy, McCarten, Jenni, Lindsey, Sarah, & DeAnna
Brad took these girls to the circus in the hopes to bring out their inner child. Brad and the girls got to perform tricks with the clowns like walking on a ball or a tight rope. Jenni really impressed Brad by performing a complete flip. She and he were really into each other and both admitted. She went out on a limb and asked Brad if he was OK for her to finish out her year dancing in Phoenix before they were to get married. She told him that she was hoping he would fall in love with her which made him realize she was actually in it for the long term. Jenni is a strong contender to reach the end of the show. Stephy and Brad had a little one on one time but it seemed a little awkward to me.

During the circus performance, Brad and the ladies were introduced to the audience and Brad was made the honorary ringmaster. During the shoe Brad pulled McCarten aside to talk with her because he didn’t feel like he could figure her out. McCarten told him she would not be upset by not getting the rose on this date. She just wanted to see if they were compatible and if they weren’t that was ok with her too. Brad really seemed to like her answers to his questions. He thought they were ‘refreshing’. At the end of the show Brad had to present a rose to one of the girls live in front of the audience. He chose Stephy. Apparently I totally misread their one on one time but it real did seem a little stiff.

One on One Date: Hillary
Brad chose her because she was the one girl who he felt really kept him laughing. Hillary wanted to be the first girl to kiss Brad. Obviously Jenni doesn’t kiss and tell or else Hillary would know that Jenni has already kissed Brad. Brad brought Hillary a necklace worth $1 million dollars to wear on the date. Brad and Hillary flew to San Francisco to have dinner. Brad chose her to have fun and laugh a little but Hillary turned very serious and emotional. She went on and on about how much she wanted to fall in love and how long she had been waiting for this. She went on about how much she wanted to get married. She was practically balling in front of him and she did it throughout the date.

All of this crying obviously made an impression on Brad. He believed that she really had feelings for him. I don’t know, personally, I think that at this point in the season, I would find this more disturbing than flattering. Hillary seems to be in a stage in her life where she is just ready to get married and the next guy she finds is going to be it. But, Brad gave her the rose. Afterwards, they went to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory to make ice cream sundays. Hillary got her kiss as they sat their eating their ice cream. After calling DeAnna and McCarten witches and catty. Hillary decided to have a little fun with her one-on-one date stories by needling them with them.

Group Date 2: The Race Track Bettina, Jade, Solisa, Sheena, & Kristy
On the final date for tonight, Brad took the rest of the girls sailing. Kristy decided she wanted to show Brad her fun side and not be so serious. As soon as she started though, she began to tell Brad about how hard it is to deal with the situation of dating a guy at the same time 11 other girls are. once the party really started, Solisa got a little out of control. She started giving Brad a lap dance in front of the other girls. I loved Bettina’s comment, “I know who I’m going to hire for Brad’s bachelor party.” It certainly must have been a little awkward having one of your girlfriends grind on you while five of your other girlfriends look on. I would say that Miss Manners would probably not approve. Sheena was the next girl to commit a faux pas. While she and Brad were riding jet skis, they were trying to splash each other causing the Coast Guard to pull her over and give them a warning. Sheena was upset that this blew her one on one time. Bettina and Brad were having a nice one on one conversation when as they discussed previous relationships and she dropped the bomb. She told him about her divorce which totally stunned Brad. At first he wasn’t even sure he heard her correctly. I’m pretty sure that didn’t go over very well. At the end of the cruise, Brad gave Kristy the date rose.

Pre-Ceremony Cocktail Party
Brad had his twin brother Chad go to the Cocktail Party and pretend to be Brad just to see what he could find out and which of the girls could sense something was different. I thought this was sort of a jerk-move but I’m sure the producers put him up to it so I won’t hold it against Brad. Chad looks similar but, he is a little slimmer and his shoulders aren’t as broad as Brad’s, so its not impossible that one of the girls could figure it out.

McCarten and Lindsey were the first two girls to meet Chad. Neither one of them seemed to have a clue that anything was different. Chad seemed a little uncomfortable. Sheena was the first one who thought Brad looked a little different. When Chad asked her what was different she said the voice then she figured it out that he wasn’t Brad. She even noticed that he doesn’t have the little patch of blond hair by his left ear. As soon as Chad walked up to Kristy she cracked up and said, “You’re not Brad.” Bettina was the third girl to figure out that Chad was Brad’s twin right off the bat. DeAnna and Stephy also figured out that Brad was not himself. Sarah sensed there was something different but she couldn’t figure out what it was. I’m curious about the interaction Chad had with the other girls who they didn’t show like Hillary and Jenni.

Rose Ceremony:


1. Stephy (Group Date 1)
2. Hillary (One on One Date)
3. Kristy (Group Date 2)
4. Sheena
5. McCarten
6. Jenni
7. Jade
8. DeAnna
9. Bettina

The Bachelor 11 DeAnna The Bachelor 11 Kristy The Bachelor 11 Bettina
The Bachelor 11 Hillary The Bachelor 11 Estefania The Bachelor 11 Sheena
The Bachelor 11 McCarten The Bachelor 11 Jenni The Bachelor 11 Jade

The girls who did not receive a rose
- Lindsey
- Sarah
- Solisa

The Bachelor 11 Lindsey The Bachelor 11 Sarah The Bachelor 11 Solisa

I think Lindsey and Sarah blew it when they had no idea that anything was different when they were talking to Chad instead of Brad. Solisa’s problem was that she was a little too over the top. She streaked out of the hot tub last week and then gave Brad a lap dance this week. At the end she said she tried to show Brad the “Special parts of her.” I think that was her problem. She probably should have kept her special parts in her shirt.

Next Week:
Brad and the girls have fun performing at the Improv until Kristy breaks down into tears. Brad goes on a date with Jade and DeAnna. These two girls hate each other and now they have to compete head to head for the one rose Brad has to give out on that date.

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Monday, October 8, 2007

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