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The Bachelor Season 11

Alright bachelor fans we are down to the last six bachelorettes. Brad sent Jade, McCarten, and Stephy home last week.

The Bachelor 11 Jade The Bachelor 11 McCarten The Bachelor 11 Estefania

Tonight, Brad hosts a pool party at his house and everyone is having fun. Everyone except Kristy that is (see he should have sent her home). She was a party pooper at the Comedy Factory last week and she is one again tonight. Then the most romantic one on one date ever until Sheena falls down the stairs. What is it about this show that causes these girls to continually get hurt? Bettina tells Brad she loves him but does he feel the same way? I’m guessing if they’re asking the question the answer must be no. If it wasn’t for the fact that we know Hillary is going home I’d bet that it would be Bettina’s turn. In what has been described as the most emotional moment bachelor history Hillary leaves the show. Hillary is crying so hard in the preview she looks like she is going to throw up. Brad actually has to come out of the mansion to talk with her. This one sounds like a winner! Be sure not to miss it and check back here afterwards!

The Bachelor 11 Jenni The Bachelor 11 Bettina The Bachelor 11 DeAnna
The Bachelor 11 Kristy The Bachelor 11 Sheena The Bachelor 11 Hillary

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Monday, October 22, 2007

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