Weekend Humor: Criss Angel Picks A Fight On Phenomenon
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Criss Angel is the co-host on the possibly short lived NBC show Phenomenon. I would have guessed he was there to represent the magicians/mentalists/whatevers, but apparently not. On this week’s show Angel decided he would call out one of the performers as a fake for claiming he had mental powers. Not only that but he also called out his co-host Uri Geller with the same challenge. Considering Geller is to this show as Simon is to American Idol I can’t believe Angel would be so dumb. Apparently he is. So take a watch as Criss Angel tries to pick a fight with someone who does the same genre of tricks as he does. I wish Angel could say something other than, “tell me what’s in the envelope,” three hundred times.

I put this under Humor because I find Criss Angel laughable. Is it just me?

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Saturday, November 3, 2007

2 Responses to “Weekend Humor: Criss Angel Picks A Fight On Phenomenon”

  1. rose

    I think Criss was right on for what he did. He has never claimed to be able to talk to the dead or contact them in any way. He has done tricks with people assuming he was really speaking to the dead. But he has always made it clear he does not believe in that stuff and that people who claim they can do are just taking advantage of someone. I thought what the man did was a joke it looked fake to me. I am glad he called him out. If he really was able to speak to a “Raymond” then you know what he should have had no problem finding out what was in the envelope. He should have proven Criss wrong. He didnt though instead he called him a name and tried to fight. To me that says fake.

  2. Matt

    Oh yeah the routine the guy had was hilariously bad with his shaky body movements and all that, but I don’t think Angel handled it properly. Calling out his co-host was a crappy idea.

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