Big Brother 9: WGA Strike Forcing Rush To The Next BB House?
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Julie Chen

Well hot damn, the Big Brother 9 rumor mill is running wild already and it’s got some promising news for all Big Brother fans. With the ongoing WGA strike the networks are faced with some bad situations considering the last WGA strike back in 1988 last for roughly 5 months! So what’s a network to do when all it’s serial shows’ writers are out walking the line? Why that’s right, shove some reality TV in to fill that void, and that may be just what CBS is planning to do according to a rumor from TV Guide:

In related news, CBS is reportedly rushing into production an anomalous winter season of its summer staple Big Brother to fill the lineup. This one, buzz is, may have celebrities scheming against each other instead of regular folk. If you consider guys like Todd “Willis” Bridges and Lauren “Julie, Your Cruise Director” Tewes celebrities.

Personally, as much as I love Big Brother I don’t like the idea of a celebrity edition at all. We’ve already seen that show and do you remember what it was called? The Surreal Life. I think I’ve seen enough of Mini-Me pissing in the corner to last me a lifetime. So CBS, please, hold off a little and do it right. Last season was great, but it almost wasn’t. You’ve gotta take your time and do the best thing for your faithful viewers. Pay the writers and get us back in our regular groove.

Just in case this rumor proves to be true you might want to get your BB butt in gear and start filling out the Big Brother 9 application.

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Get ready for Big Brother 10 with application and casting details.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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