Terminator 4: ‘McG’ood Grief; Is No One Else Available?
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We’ve known for a long time that Terminator 4 was on its way even without the man that made it famous (Arnold, but Cameron won’t be around again either), but now more details are coming out that don’t make me too thrilled. SlashFilm is reporting that McG (Charlie’s Angels & CA: Full Throttle) is now in line to direct this fourth installment in the franchise. While I’ll agree with SlashFilm’s sentiments that Charlie’s Angels was the “best fun just purely to be fun action movies in recent years” I can’t possibly agree that he’s then a good fit for Terminator 4. The Terminator movies aren’t “fun to be fun” kinda action movies. These are serious, kill or be killed, fate of humanity storylines and not how high Cameron Diaz can kick and then slap high five with Drew Barrymore.

I’m hoping that with the current WGA strike the studios will have more time to really think about what they’re doing here with that decision and go back to the director hunt. Please. Please. Please.

Don’t forget about FOX’s TV series “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” which is set to debut in January and will even get 24’s schedule spot now that Jack Bauer and crew have been bumped until next season. Sigh.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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