Carson Daly Breaks WGA Picket Line For ‘Last Call’
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Carson Daly

Carson Daly is returning to the studio despite the WGA strike. Daly isn’t a member of the union, so he’s free to make bad decisions like dating Tara Reid and turning on your own writing staff. So while David Letterman and Jon Stewart are paying their writers out of their own pockets during the strike Carson Daly is spitting on them. Nice guy. Daly’s show “Last Call with Carson Daly” will get back to taping this week with those shows appearing next week. So in case you’re up at 1:35am you’ll be all set to be put to sleep. Enjoy!

Carson may be the first night time show to return to broadcasts, but he isn’t the first talk show to do so. Ellen DeGeneres returned to taping and airing her shows after just one day of break. Let’s see, how does that compare to the number of days she took off over the whole adopted dog issue? Oh yeah, now I remember, she took off more days because she was so emotional distraught for a homely dog than she is for the well being of the writers that have helped make her famous. Sure, that makes sense, right?

* Fun Fact: Firefox suggests “venereal” as the alternative to “DeGeneres”. Hmm…

Source: Associated Press

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, November 29, 2007

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