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Jay Leno

This weekend, Sherry Goldman, spokeswoman for the Writers Guild of America, said that the WGA is planning on targeting late night talk show host Jay Leno for crossing the strike lines. Since his return, Leno has been writing and performing his own material on The Tonight Show. While there has been no report on just what action the WGA plans to take against Leno, he and the other late night talk show hosts have been facing a lack of available guests since their return to the airwaves. WGA members have started pressuring high-profile guests to avoid talk-show appearances. In response, The Tonight Show has stopped announcing its guest list for the upcoming weeks.

Now, the big question is how much longer can the strike continue? WGA members have been on the street unpaid for months now. While many of the network’s premiere shows have gone on hiatus the networks have managed to keep viewers entertained by airing a slew of new reality and game shows. In the end who is really getting hurt the worst by this strike? The viewers and fans of the shows which have been forced of the air? The cast, crew, and producers of these shows? Sure, the networks aren’t bringing in quite the numbers and therefore cash they were before but how badly is this affecting their bottom line?

The longer these TV shows stay off the air the more fans they will lose over time. Every time one of these popular shows takes a long hiatus they typically come back with fewer viewers. This is how I lost interest in both Lost and Desperate Housewives. Originally, these were both appointment shows for me. I watched them religiously. Once they took a long breaks though, I got out of the habit of watching them and found other alternatiuves. As a result when they returned it just wasn’t as imperative that I catch them every week and in fact I haven’t watched either of these shows in a couple seasons. Reduced viewership for popular shows will in the end also affect the writer’s of these shows as well. While I am sympathetic to the WGA’s cause, I think they may need to be trying a little harder to find a way to end this strike before they ruin the very thing they are fighting over.

Written by: Walt
Posted on: Monday, January 7, 2008

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