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Lost Season 3 left a lot of things to be desired, but while the first 19 episodes stunk worse than Sawyer’s sweaty shirts the final four shows finally started to show there could still be some life left in that island after all. In the end of the season we saw a flash-forward to scenes of a disheveled Jack, an indifferent Kate, and a unnamed casket, all of which are apparently the result of Jack’s decision to radio in for help. We also know, thanks to Charlie’s dying words (well, it was actually written on his hand) that the boat they were contacting wasn’t Penny’s. From the teaser trailer for season 4 we know some bad folks are coming to town and things are going to get rough.

Okay, that’s the end of safe talk for Lost’s next season. If you want to avoid spoilers stop now and go no further. However, if you want some insight from Matthew Fox (Jack) on what to expect and why Jack was so messed up in the flash-forward then read on.

“Jack gets people off that island, [and] suddenly he and the other people are very well-known — it becomes this massive story because everybody thought that every person on this plane was lost,” he says. “Jack’s mission was to get all of them off. It’s the overriding force behind him. So, the fact that he ends up getting off and doesn’t get that accomplished [saving everyone] — I’m very curious to find out how that all goes down. And part of that is going to be part of the reason why he wanted to jump off the bridge in the future…. If I start giving you words about what I think it’s really about, I’m going to be honing in on some stuff that I’m not sure I’m authorized to talk about.”

One thing he is authorized to talk about is the fact that, after getting off the island, the castaways are forced to lie to the rest of the world about their experience. “Jack and the other people, upon getting back to the world, are not being honest with the world,” Fox says. “They are covering up [something]. That’s an agreement that they’ve all reached. And it’s a weird, gross little bond that they have with each other. They don’t see each other much, but when they see each other, it’s incredibly awkward. And this lie — you can cut it with a knife amongst them.”

So it looks like Jack was so upset because he couldn’t save everybody. I’m guessing we’ll see plenty more characters killed off in this upcoming season’s battle against the intruders. Who will go?! What will happen?! Oh the humanity!

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Posted on: Thursday, January 17, 2008

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