Woot woot! I’m only 69% Geek Now!
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Last week I took a geek quiz and found out that I was 74% geek. I am happy to report that in the past week I have become 5% less of an Ubergeek. How exciting. Thanks to new Wild Bluff Media fan Jackie who liked last weeks quiz so much she turned us on to this one. Thanks Jackie! (How geeky were you?)

Click on the badge above to try the quiz yourself. Then come back and let us know. I’d love to know how many fellow geeks we have reading our site.

Written by: Walt
Posted on: Friday, February 1, 2008

4 Responses to “Woot woot! I’m only 69% Geek Now!”

  1. moe

    I’m fairly certain the use of the phrase, “Woot woot!” restores your geek rating to +90%.

  2. Matt

    Wait, how high do numbers go?

  3. Sandra

    I love this quiz lol - I’m 85% - I just saw they had a new quiz on there - Is Your Head Full Of Useless Internet Trivia? its awesome. Thanks for the great quizzes!

  4. Walt

    Yeh Moe, you’re probably right.

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