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Julie Chen

CBS seems to feel that Big Brother and twists go together like pretzels and cream cheese. What? Just me? Ah well. So yeah, we know that every season in recent memory Big Brother has produced some rather interesting moments and mostly those have had nothing to do with weak twists. Last season it was “Worst Enemies” which turned out to be “Protect Me Daddy!” with Dick and Daniele (kudos on the win) and then before in season 6 we had roommates and friends. That one fell even flatter. This year will be no different with CBS’ announcement of the Big Brother 9 twist: Soulmates.

As I mentioned earlier last season’s pairing between Dick and Daniele proved to be the most powerful duo ever. That’s a tough claim too considering Dr. Will and Mike who share wins on Big Brother. I suspect those two would have rocked the final 2 if they had handled their women situation a little better. Since Kirby had to fall on his sword to save his friend I’ll have to give the award to the Donatos as they managed to be the last 2 house guests standing.

Apparently CBS paid enough attention to recognize the potential of pairs like this and has decided to ride the wave with their new twist of soulmates. Can anyone say Amazing Race? Do you think it’ll be too similar? I know those aren’t all soulmates, but it is a reality show about pairings trying to survive week after week. Personally, I’m ready for a twist-free season of Big Brother. Could Big Brother 10 be that season? What about you? Do you like the idea of soulmates in the house this new season or would you have rather had something else offered up? Grab a soap box and discuss at the Big Brother 9 Forum.

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Watch the video below of CBS’s twist revealing commercial:

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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